Tegel Manor Revised

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Title: The Original Tegel Manor, Revised and Expanded
Type: Adventure
System: Universal fantasy
Author(s): Bob Bledsaw, Niels Erickson
     Editor(s) (1st-2nd Printing): N/A
     Artist(s) (1st-2nd Printing): N/A
     Cartography (1st-2nd Printing): N/A
Date Published: 1989
Format (1st-2nd Printing): 40-page book, 17"x22" map, 11"x17" map
Original Price: Unknown


TEGEL MANOR is one of the best known and most challenging adventure classics ever created by Judges Guild author Bob Bledsaw.  It has now been comprehensively revised, expanded and improved by Wizards Realm author Niels and modified to work with all roll-playing systems.  Designed for medium to highly skilled characters, this volume will provide well over a hundred hours of gaming, particularly for adventurers who seek to penetrate every secret connected with the foreboding old fortress.

Parties will encounter numerous adventure situations as they make their way through Tegel Village and the grounds surrounding the manor.  Once inside that ancient edifice. they can explore its more than 200 rooms and hallways--libraries, temples, galleries and much more--as well as its four underground-level dungeons.

This infamous haunted manse is fraught with deadly perils!  In its labyrinth passageways lurk menaces, monstrosities and magicks fell and loud?  A moderately experienced Gamemaster will find that the extensively detailed room descriptions quickly set the scene and mood for the excitement to follow.  In addition to the usual quests for wealth, powerful magicks or glory. GMs will easily find more than 50 compelling reasons for sending heroic adventurers into TEGEL MANOR: Can they find the accursed gem, the Heart of Darkness?  Can they root out the evil which emanates from the fortress to threaten the surrounding countryside?  Can they locate the Cauldron of Regeneration or the other potent wizardry hidden here-flying carpets, magical statues and more? Can they liberate a most unique prisoner and complete a quest for justice?  Or close the portal to Hell itself?  In addition to werewolves, vampires and lichen, evil spirits and sinister secrets, one may encounter wry humor or fiendish puns-and perhaps the rare tome or important alchemist's aid to be found therein.

TEGEL MANOR can provide many sessions of mesmerizing mystery and frantic action for your campaign, with whatever fantasy role-playing game system you favor.  Included are a Gamemaster's and players' versions of the map of the manse itself, as well as maps of the levels below, and of the surrounding countryside.  Area background and notable NPCs are described in detail, while a separate section enumerates the diabolical denizens who make the fortress their home.  Other play-aids include tables for dire magics and optional additions to the perils already present, along with Universal Format information.

Tegel Manor is also located on the maps of The City State of the Invincible Overlord, now published by Mayfair Games, which could provide many other possible tie-ins for your campaign. Evil lives in TEGEL MANOR-but can your adventurers?


Printing Information

  • 1st Printing (1989): Black and White Cover.  This was the Prepublication preview for Origins.  From Lou: "We printed only 100 uncolored editions of TEGAL MANOR because we were late getting it to the printer in time to take it to an Origins convention.  Doing color covers would take 3 additional days, but we didn't have time to wait on them, so we ran 100 black and white covers and took them to the convention."

  • 2nd Printing (1989): Color Cover.

This is an updated version of #27 Tegel Manor Playing Aid.  A further update to the d20 format from Necromancer Games can be found here.

Note: The title has been used with permission from Mayfair Games, so they may own the copyright to a few other Judges Guild releases as well.  Could anybody shed some light on this?


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Tegel Manor Revised (1st Printing)
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