Tegel Manor

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Title: Tegel Manor
Type: Adventure
System: d20 Dungeons & Dragons
Author(s): Bob Bledsaw, Gabor Lux
     Editor(s): Unknown
     Artist(s): Unknown
     Cartography: Unknown
Date Published: never released
Format: Unknown
Original Price: never released


Tegel Manor™, originally published in 1977, was the first published fantasy adventure Scenario to deal with the haunted house format.  It has entered adventure game legend as one of the classic adventures of the early days of gaming.  Set in the Wilderlands of High Fantasy™, Tegel Manor™ reflects the adventure game style of the late ’70s and early ’80s - making Necromancer Games, with its "Third Edition Rules, First Edition Feel" the perfect match as a publisher.

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This product was never published.  More information about it can be found in the link below.


by Gabor Lux found here.

Tegel Manor Concept Cover