Judges Guild Dungeon Contests
Great Guildmember Dungeon Creation Contest

The contest was divided into six parts, one for each level ...1 through 6 designed.  Participants could enter any or all the categories and each category was judged for originality, presentation, and suitability by the design staff and awarded First, Second, and Third Prizes.

1st Place   Printed In Notes
Lvl 1 Charles Sagui Journal 12 (pg 18)  
Lvl 2 Kevin Garbelman Journal 12 (pg 05)  
Lvl 3 Henry Veldenz Journal 12 (pg 11)  
  Kevin Garbelman (tie) Journal 12 (pg 08)  
Lvl 4 Charles Sagui Journal 12 (pg 24)  
Lvl 5 Henry Veldenz Journal 12 (pg 15)  
Lvl 6 Henry Veldenz Journal 12 (pg 16)  
  Charles Sagui (tie) Journal 12 (pg 29)  
2nd Place      
Lvl 1 Jay Miller Journal 12 (pg 31)  
Lvl 2 Charles Sagui Journal 12 (pg 20)  
Lvl 3 Robert Gallasch Journal 12 (pg 41)  
Lvl 4 Henry Veldenz Journal 12 (pg 13)  
Lvl 5 Jay Miller Journal 12 (pg 33)  
Lvl 6 Rusty Lamont Journal 12 (pg 52)  
3rd Place      
Lvl 1 Robert Gallasch Journal 12 (pg 35)  
Lvl 2 Robert Gallasch Journal 12 (pg 38)  
Lvl 3 Charles Sagui Journal 12 (pg 22)  
Lvl 4 Rusty Lamont Journal 12 (pg 50)  
Lvl 5 Charles Sagui Journal 12 (pg 26)  
Lvl 6 John Pugh Journal 13 (pg 09)  
No Prize      
Lvl 1 Rusty Lamont Journal 12 (pg 44)  
Lvl 2 Rusty Lamont Journal 12 (pg 46)  
Lvl 3 Rusty Lamont Journal 12 (pg 48)  
Lvl 5 Rusty Lamont Journal 12 (pg 52)  
  Henry Veldenz Journal 13 (pg 23)  

Honorable Mentions

  Paul Tursa  
  Doug Steele  
The Judges Guild Journal Son of - The World's First and Greatest Dungeon Creation Contest - Contest
Place Name Dungeon Title Printed In Notes
1st Ned, Bert & Mollie Plants      The Treasure of Barlawn Journal 16 (pg 43)  
2nd William Peschel Owlbear Cave Journal 16 (pg 55)  
3rd Paul Fairbrother Creeping Doom Journal 16 (pg 63)  
HM Greg Woodcock Aflafa�s Dungeon Journal 16 (pg 58)  
  Peter Hedge (untitled)    
  Leo Kropywiansky The Crypts of the Dwarf-Lords    
  Charles Farnum Aelel�s Tutoring Service    
  Michael Dodge (untitled)    
  Ken Wyzywany The Search for the Kingdom of Koa Tao    
  Charles Farnum Aldrich Manor    
  Scott Turner The Cursed House of Larthen    
  Jeff Martin Dreaded Devil Den Journal 18 (pg 46)  
1st Steven Brandt The Mythos of Har Journal 17 (pg 43)  
2nd Warren Carlsrud (untitled)    
3rd Barbara Foote (untitled)    
HM John Kanter Forgotten Temple Journal 16 (pg 69)  
  Ken Wyzywany The Red Diamond of Arn    
  Tim Kilgore Balrog Hall    
  Dan Goodsell (untitled)    
  Jeff Martin Tomb of Lesch Journal 18 (pg 50) Was combined with Dreaded Devil Den
    *=Tie for 3rd and Honorable Mention    
1st Tom Zarbock Fedlin�s Dungeon    
2nd Michael Dodge (untitled)    
* D.W. Parker Dungeon of Erfeandur Moredhel    
* Eric Hill Beleg Carakost    
  Dallas Denery II Adlor    
  Jeff Neufeld Hellspawned    
  Reyold C. Jones Delvings of Dispater    
  Bill Peschel Vlademor Dungeon Journal 19 (pg 24) Renamed 'The Dungeon Vlademor'
  David Burnett The Tiger Keep    
  Art Jensen Dark Wizard�s Dungeon    
  Robert Bowes The Halls of Theorat    
  Robert Paskowski The Legend of Vlad the Impaler    
  Clint Jeffrey Stronghold of the Lava God, Deeghon    
  James D. Kimmey The Dungeon of the Staff of Twynadyll    
  Tim Kilgore The Executioner�s Dungeon    
  James Hopkins II The Hall of the Immortal    
  Joseph Lardear Temple of Atlas    
  Richard Forster The Temple of Krag-Rosha    
  Ken McKusick Xerxonoclydemedes    
  Paul Tursa Morgana, Queen of the Lake    
  Frank & David Hollander The Dungeon of Death    
  Rick Goodman The Dragonslayer Dungeon    
  Joe Swinnen The Castle of the Frost Giant King    
  Rusty Lamont Kaxrael�s Magical Kingdom    
  Gary Bigelow (untitled)    
  Timothy Nelson The Caverns of Korgath    
  James Wimer (untitled)    
  Sandeep Kaushik (untitled)    
  David Mackenzie The Subterranean Lair of the Lich, Marluk    
  Doug Steele (untitled)    
  Rick Newallis (untitled)    
  Matthew Balent (untitled)    
The Judges Guild Journal Bride of Son of - The World's First and Greatest Dungeon Creation Contest - Contest - Contest
Place Name Dungeon Title Printed In Notes
1st D. Carnley Fortress of the Great Wyrm Master    
2nd Dean Houdeshel Indians & the Mountain Ram Clan   Released as seperate booklets: American Indian and Mountain Ram Tribe through Fantasy Unlimited in 1981.  Dean believes this really only got and was paid for 3rd place.
3rd D. Coble Tunnel of Ikata-Sa    
HM B. Prouty Ruined Tower of Mabeleck    
  D. Goodsell Forgotten Mine    
  R. Marron Tomb of Nekt    
  D. Goodsell Cave of the Goblin Lord    
  B. Waiters Shrine of Shaka Grogi    
  C. Heiney Kthenta's Dark Repose    
  J. Scrimgeour The Jade Seagull    
  L. Baker Heart of the Temple Dungeon    
  R. Verberer The Humor of Amadon    
  N & Art Jensen Prison of the Gods    
  Vic Mather Simpleton's Tomb Dungeoneers Journal 23 (pg #)  
  D. Jageman (untitled)    
  C. Campbell Terror of Forest Deep    
  T. Daley Temple of Demogorgon    
  D. Maxfield Jackrabbits Lair    
  W. Gustafson Red Mountain Mine    
  S. Kucera Zygomatia's Dungeon    
1st B. Hinch Lair of the Ninja Lord    
2nd David MacKenzie Lost Tomb of Ahmahnteph    
3rd D. Ellis Catacombs of the Undead    
HM A. Eaglestone and G. Butler Alamastra's Realm    
  G. Menning The Depths of Darthvoor    
  Bill Fawcett Beastmaker Mountain   William Fawcett gets this published through Mayfair in 1982
  J. Graff Duinar    
  P. Amory Conspiracy of the Demon Lord    
  G. Tolle Vovedyosey    
  W. Carlsrud Storm Giant's Citadel in Harridan Gap    
  Ken Wyzywany Great Halls of the Snake Lord    
  S. Jones Mountain Moor Dungeon    
  C. Weaver and G. Woodcock Pyramid of Suberus    
1st K. Criscione Khrest 'l'est    
2nd R. Baier The Azurain Pirates    
3rd J. Alford Bloodthirsty    
HM Ned & Mollie Plants House and Lands of Leamon the Greedy    
  R. Jones Threat in the North    
  George Paczolt Rat-on-a-Stick   This is later printed as item #850
  B. Chapin Haus of Phunn    
  Dean Houdechel Revenge Dungeon   Never published
  Ken Wyzywany Eight Swords of Chayn    
  D. Dyche Halcycon Cavern    
  James Hopkins II Demon Lair    
  R. Jones Dungeon of the Mouth    
  Jeremy Fowler Striek Hollus Dungeoneers Journal 24 (pg 25)  
  R. Irwin Stronghold of Karthas    
  J. Mounie Thunderhold Caverns