Journal 19

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Item Code:  160

Title:  Journal 19

Type:  Magazine

System:  Universal

Author(s):  Unknown

Date Published:  1980, February/March

Format:  64-page periodical

Original Price:  $2.80

Journal Editor:  Penny Gooding

Assistant Editor:  Bryan Hinnen

Associate Editor:  Robert Bingham
Editor-in-Chief:  Charles Anshell


  Omniscient Opinions by Bryan Hinnen 01
  Prodigious Platemail 03
  Tips From the Tower by Mike Reagen 05
  Conventionwatch 06
  The Die Is Cast: "Review Star Trek: The Movie" by Bryan Hinnen 21
  Dungeon Dilemma by Kevin Siembieda Inside Back Cover
  "A Melee System" by Lenard Lakofka 09
  "Martial Artists Errata" by Brian Wagner 15
  "Class Consciousness" by Bob Pryor 16
  "Witches" by Geoffrey Tolle 17
  "Doors" by Bill Paley 19
  "Who Cares If Magic-Users Are Equal To Fighters?" by Bob Pryor 20
  "An Adjusted Dexterity Table" by Scott Fordyce 22
  "A New Wargames Rating System" by Bob Bingham 23
  "The Dungeon Vlademor" by Bill Peschel 24
  "Lord Foul's Demondim Spawn" by Louis Soldano 47
  "Poisons Types and Reactions" by David Mackenzie 49
  "Falling Accidents" by James Masianka 51
  "Beating, Bashing and General Mugging" by David Parker 53
  "Estimating Power" by Thomas A. McCloud 54
  "Players' and Judge's Flowcharts" by Bill Paley 59

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Journal 19