Journal Y

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Item Code:  103

Title:  Journal Y (Issue 16)

Type:  Magazine (Guildmember Installment Y with(?) JG113 Treasure Maps I or Village 2 or Verbosh)

System:  Universal

Author(s):  Various

Date Published:  1979, August/September

Format:  80-page periodical

Original Price:  $2.80

Editor:  Penny Gooding

Layout:  David Sering

Typesetting:  Penny Gooding, Tricia Petrowsky
Editor-in-Chief:  Chuck Anshell


  Tips from the Tower by Chuck Anshell 01
  Prodigious Platemail 02
  Under Toe 08
  New Contest Announcement 09
  Our Magical Staff: Kevin Siembieda 27
  Ancients Column by David Petrowsky 10
  Survival of Fittest Explanations and Map by Michael Mayeau 12
  G Modules by Richard Forster 14
  Encounters in D&D by Ronald Pehr 18
  Writing Good Computer Games by Rev. George Blank 24
  Daymark by Dean Kunigisky 28
  Generals of the City State by Bill Paley 29
  Whitestone Castle by Eric Hill 30
  Black Lotus by Bill Paley 33
  White Lotus by Bill Paley 35
  The Escaping of Monsters and Traps by James Ward 36
  Thieves: Two Views by Bill Paley 37
  Dungeon Contest Winners Announced! 40

Art Credits:

  Brian Wagner  
  Kevin Siembieda  
  Paul Jaquays Front Cover
  Bryan Hinnen  
  Robert Bingham  

Printing Information

This journal has newsprint pages. 
Product list is titled "Other Great Fantasy" with the highest number being 97.

Journal Y