Journal V



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Item Code:  82

Title:  Journal V (Issue 13)

Type:  Magazine

System:  Universal

Author(s):  Unknown

Date Published:  1979, February/March

Format:  32-page periodical

Original Price:  $1.50

Editor:  Chuck Anshell

Assistant Editor:  Mitch Johnson

Associate Editor:  Penny Gooding


  Jocular Judgements by Chuck Anshell 03
  Prodigious Platemail  
       By Ronald Pehr 04
       By Tom Nelson 05
  Dungeon Contest Rules 06
  Tips from the Tower  
       By Michael Rowsey 07
       By Dean Kunigisky 07
       By Michael Rowsey (again) 07
       By Scott Arndt 08
       By W. L. Roberts 08
       By Earl Gessner 24
  Contest Winning Dungeon Levels  
       6th level - 3rd place by John Pugh 09
       Missing 4th level map of Henry Veldenz (from Journal U) 23
  Ancients Column by David Petrowsky 12
  The Misadventures of Erroneous Grog by Greg MacKenzie 22
  Omnicient Opinions by Steven Huff 25

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Printing Information

journal has a b/w cover with newsprint pages.  Product list is untitled though is a "Judges Guild List" with the highest number being 80.

Journal V