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Current Focus

  • The process of building pages for AD&D2E continues. The sections that are complete or nearing completion are: Birthright; Conan; DragonLance; Lankhmar;Forgotten Realms; Odyssey; and, Ravenloft. There are still items missing, so if you wish to help let me know. Price monitoring is ongoing for most of these an I plan to start for Forgotten Realms soon.
  • For AD&D2E the sections that are yet to be started are: AlQadim; DarkSun; DragonLance Fifth Age; Greyhawk; Monstrous Arcana; Mystara; Red Steel, SpellJammer; and, Tomes.
  • Descriptions are also required for many items. Here, we do not want to just copy the description off the back as there are a number of sites that do that. But our goal is to describe accurately the contents of the item to help collectors and players know the item is complete and also a short description of the focus of the item.
  • I remain an avid collector and have over 800 items still to put up including: TSR, non-TSR items as well as RPG periodicals. Please contact me at [email protected] if you would like to help with this RPG encyclopedia project or if you have any comments concerning the site. I have been travelling recently, but hope to get a lot more up in mid 2013!
  • UPDATE 2017!!!
  • Well, the year is 2017 and a few months back we managed to salvage the old data and get the site back online. While all the pages are there, all the images were lost. Now many thousands of them were mine, scans my own collection, and I have most of these (not all) backed up, so I have started the process of re-uploading images. If anyone wants to help or has items images to upload, please PM me at the Acaeum.

To Do

Plan to do:

  • 'About' articles for MERP, Harnmaster, Doctor Who, Man-Myth-Magic and others that do not have them
  • Put in Article/Nav coding for pages that do not have it
  • Convert all periodicals to indexable format:
    • Adventure Gaming - DONE 24/09/2011
    • Alarums and Excursions - DONE 07/10/2011 (would love help getting more issues up - we only have four so far!)
    • Heroes
    • Harnlore
    • Iron Crown Quarterly
    • Polyhedron
    • Var-Hyvrak