Lords of Creation

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In Lords of Creation just about anything is possible. Adventures take place through time, space and other dimensions and so the system spans both Fantasy and Science Fiction genres. Its system is quite simple and easy to learn. Characters have five abilities (muscle, speed, stamina, mental and luck) as well as general 'force' and 'physical' ability increasing with level. As characters advance, their ability to comprehend and travel through time and space increases. The system has a character sheet template and chapters covering skills (of which there are 21 categories), equipment, combat and powers. The combat is a simple initiative, hit and damage system. Powers can be psychic (eg clairvoyant), futuristic (eg cyborg) or magical (eg wizard). The rule book includes six settings, which can respectively be described as: fantasy, science fiction, science fantasy (which blends elements of the first two), pirate, parallel world (i.e. earth with a different history), elemental planes, and god realms. The Book of Foes describes more than 450 creatures, friends and enemies.

Lords of Creation

subtitleRole-Playing Adventure Game of Travel Through Time and Space
publisherAvalon Hill
gameLords of Creation
authorTom Moldvay
cover artistDave Billman
formatboxed set
pages2 pamphlet books (64pp each), 3 dice
product code858


  • Book 1: Rule Book, 64pp
  • Book 2: The Book of Foes, 64pp
  • Errata Sheet
  • 3 Dice (1d6, 1d10, 1d20)

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Rule Book
Book of Foes
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Errata Sheet