Byrny Royal Herald

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Title: Byrny Royal Herald #1
Type: Magazine
System: d20 Dungeons & Dragons
Author(s): James Mishler, Various
     Editor(s): James Mishler
     Cartography: James Mishler
Date Published: 2001
Format: 16-page book
Original Price: $3.00



  Greetings and Salutations! 01
  News and Events of Local Note 01
  News of the Realm 02
  Legends from Afar 03
  The Byrny Bestiary  
       Drakyn by Brandon Geer, James Mishler 04
       Grulligan by Jorden Rickard, James Mishler 04
       Scorpigon by Garrett Glenn, James Mishler 13
       Worgion by Maurice LaCour, James Mishler 13
  Tomb of the Tax Man 05
       Six-page adventure  
  Map of the Grand Duchy of Byrny & Environs 08
       Two-page center spread including small gazetteer  
  Myth and Legend: The Tales of the Gods 14
  Mighty Magic  
       Forceblade spell 15
       The Helm of Eyes 15
       Hagstone 15
  Pompous Pontification 16

Printing Information

From James Mishler: "Back in 2001 to 2002, I ran a 3E Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in the Wilderlands of High Fantasy.  This was before Necromancer Games and Bob got together; this was essentially before anything new had been done, save for the Blue Revised Edition of the City State Bob released at Gen Con in '99.
Well, as I wanted to work with Bob on the Wilderlands but hadn't really the time to do anything major, rather than dive into true self-publishing I got permission from him to publish a fanzine of sorts for our campaign.  As the campaign was set in and around Byrny, I decided that the fanzine would take the form of an in-campaign newspaper, the Byrny Royal Herald.
The first an only volume of that fanzine was published late in 2001.  IIRC, 30 were printed (at Staples), eight were given to the then-regular members of the group, I kept eight (Ed: sold six of these in 2009), and the remainder were left to be sold (or given to later, new members of the group) at Merlin's Keep, the store where we played.  What happened to the 14 at Merlin's Keep, I've no idea; they shut down some years ago, and I don't recall them ever mentioning that they had sold any.  All the players in the group were between the ages of 8-15, so the likelihood that any of those copies survive is slim."



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Byrny Royal Herald #1