City State Judge's Map

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Item Code:  9

Title:  City State Judge's Map

Type:  Map

System:  Dungeons & Dragons

Author(s):  Bob Bledsaw

Date Published:  1976

Format:  17" x 22" map

Original Price:  $0.50

A half-scale version of the City State Judges Map with all names shown.

Printing Information

  • 1st Printing:  This map came in 2 sections as mentioned in Journal J product list, later Journals would mention the later prints of 1 section maps.

  • 'Pebble Paper' Printing:  The paper is not watermarked with 'Hammermill Bond'.  Thanks to Marshall C. Mahurin III and David Witts for help with this info, and to Marshall C. Mahurin III for the scan.

  • 'Hammermill Bond' Printing:  The paper is watermarked with 'Hammermill Bond'.  This known copy was found in a shrink-wrapped Wraith Overlord: Terror Beneath the City State, as stated in Pegasus 8 this is a part of that product, or at least how some were packaged.

City State Judge's Map
 (1st Printing)
City State Judge's Map
 (Pebble Paper)
City State Judge's Map
 (Hammermill Paper)