Pegasus 8

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Item Code:  980

Title:  Pegasus 8

Type:  Magazine

System:  Universal

Author(s):  Various

Date Published:  1982, June/July

Format:  96-page periodical

Original Price:  $3.00

Publisher:  Bob Bledsaw
Editor-in-Chief:  Paul W. Vinton
Editor:  Edward R. G. Mortimer
Composing and Typing:  Debye Pruitt and Penny Gooding
Interior Color:  13 and Cedric Oakenshield
Layout and Graphics:  13, Cedric Oakenshield, Ron Ellrick, and Roger C. Harvey
Photographs:  Roger C. Harvey
Photo Mechanical Transfers:  Mark Holme
Staff:  Rick Houser, Dave Sering, Bill Pixley, and Marc Summelott


  Horse Feathers by Edward R. G. Mortimer 04
       Photos of some of the Gremlins at the Guild  
  Hanging Out in the City-State by Edward R. G. Mortimer 16
       A comprehensive listing of all the City State campaign aids for  
  your enjoyment  
  Morrow Project Report by Bill Pixley 19
       Attack on a Krell Forward Base!  
  Gateway Quadrant by Dave Sering 23
       Interplanetary exploration results  
  Stroll through the Market Place 71
       News on more upcoming Judges Guild products created  
  especially for you!  
  All That Glitters 73
       Magic, magic, magic!  
  From the Horse's Mouth by Bill Pixley 75
       Five fantastic reviews  
  Town Crier 77
  Magik Tomes by C. J. Henderson 83
       Book review for all of you!  
  Convention Compendium 85
       A listing of fantastic events  
  To the Beast, Part 2, by C. J. Henderson 05
       In Part 2, the final round goes...  
  Murder at the Ruptured Troll by Ken St. Andre 08
       This hilarious comedy combines mystery, suspense, and  
  fantasy in a fast-paced parody of the classic detective novels.  
  He's Holding His Sword in the Wrong Hand by Scott Fulton 15
       Whatever Feels Good!  
  A Guide to Copyright by Stephen R. Marsh 27
       Advice to aspiring writers  
  Treasures of RuneQuest by Rudy Kraft 65
       More fantastic magic items for RuneQuest  
  A Dual Purpose Program for Melee/The Fantasy Trip by George R. 67
       Here's another computer program to ease your FRP gaming!  
  Accurate Critical Hits by Paul Andrew Denisowski 80
       OW! You dirty rat! You cut my ---!  
  Take Your +2 Broadsword and Battle Axe and ... by Bart Kemper 87
       Exotic Weapons and Tactics will spice up your FRP sessions  
  Crimson Swords by Wes Crum and Jack Cascio 88
       An illustrated tale of wonder on an alien world  
Guildmember Installment:    
  Threat in the North by Reynolds C. Jones and 13 33
       City State Campaign Aid  
            Introduction 35
            Damkina 35
            Key to Damkina 35
            Damkina Submap A 36
            Inns, Taverns, and Roadhouses of the City 44
            The Stealing of Quinden 45
            Quinden Village Map 46
            Damkina Town Map 48
            The Village of Bighsdale 51
            Bighsdale Mine Key 53
            Bighsdale Mine Map 53
            Maníthrop Village 54
            Maníthrop Village Map 54
            Man'throp Dungeon Key 55
            Man'throp Submap A 56
            Vast Lake - Description 57
            The Tamesis River - Description 57
            The Final Pass - Description 58
            Map Area Covered by Installment on Campaign Map 9 58
            The Scarlet Forest - Description 60
            The Aleion Mountains - Description 60
            The Awake Range - Description 61
            Universal Format Explanation 61
  Designed by Reynolds C. Jones, 13, and Cedric Oakenshield  
  Cover Art by John Mortimer  
  Interior Art by Mel White, Julie Lewis, and Erin McKee  
  Graphic Art and Layout by Cedric Oakenshield, 13, John  
  Mortimer, and Roger C. Harvey  
  Composing by Penny Gooding and Debye Pruitt  

Art Credits:

  Wes Crum Front Cover, 18, 88, 89,
    90, 91, 92
  Rick Houser Front Cover Color
  John Mortimer 08, 09, 10, 11, 12
  Stan Woodvine 66, 69, 78, 79
  Maurine Starkey 16, 71, 77, 83, 93
  Russ Steffens 05, 07
  Mel White 81
  13 70

Printing Information

Product list is titled "Treasure Vault" and also has ads with the highest number being 1070.

Pegasus 8