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Title: Sapies
Type: Scenario/Campaign Setting
System: Traveller
Author(s): Dorothy Bledsaw
     Editor(s): Unknown
     Artist(s): Jeff Johnson
     Cartography: Unknown
Date Published: 1981
Format:  18-page book, 17" x 22" map
Original Price: $6.95


Sapies is a world adventure, approved for use with Traveller.  The planet is located in the Banderhue Quadrant, Theta Borealis Sector of the Imperium.  The planet is modern, though with the presence of a barbarian race on the borders of the civilization.

Printing Information

Unknown at this time is if the item code was given by Judges Guild in their catalog or Group One.  Product List has Geptorem, Nithus, Nystalux and Lomodo IV A as New and Wabor-Parn and Theta Borealis Sector as Coming Soon.  Thanks to Daniel Adams (Hestrin) for help with this info, and to Daniel Adams (Hestrin) for the scans.


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Sapies (Cover)
Sapies (Map)