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In 1992, TSR decided to close the Mystara campaign setting for D&D.  It was obviously a bit unexpected, since Bruce Heard, the product manager for the Mystara line, had already graphed out the next three years' worth of products in some detail.  That release calendar is presented below.  (Thanks to Bruce Heard and the Vaults of Pandius for this info, and to Shane Henry for first pointing this out).  Also listed is the 1988 cancellation of DA5, though that module's fate is unrelated to the closing of the Mystara campaign.


DA5 City of Blackmoor.  The only references we have to this are in an ad by Esdevium Games in Dragon #131 (page 85), an earmarked TSR stock # (9219), and an advertisement in the 1987 TSR Fall Catalog (depicting this pre-production cover scan, which uses the artwork from the cover of Dragon #97).  Bruce Heard, in charge of the D&D product line at the time, has said that this module was never even designed, let alone produced and shipped.  However, contributor Dave Keyser has told us that the module was actually nearly completed, and the material is now currently with a company (Zeitgeist Games) who plans on releasing a "Blackmoor d20" module, in collusion with Dave Arneson.  (Thanks to Curt Gould for the pre-production scan, and to Dave Keyser and John Rateliff for help with this info).


The Princess ArkThe Princess Ark is presently published in Dragon magazine as an on-going series.  1993 will see its development into a product line in D&D.

Princess Ark Boxed Set.  This set describes the Princess Ark ship and life aboard.  Players get to play either crew members under the authority of the various heroes from the Princess Ark series, or become the commanding officers at higher levels.  Includes a summary of Haldemar's ship log (from Dragon magazine), an overview of the Known World in AC 1010, and many adventures for all levels of play.  The Princess Ark should also mark the beginning of a new series of accessories continuing the old Gazetteers' task of exploring the Known World (see next).

PAS1 Heldannic Knights, Princess Ark Gazetteer.  This is a successor to the old D&D Gazetteer series.  This new supplement focuses on the Heldann Freeholds and the chaotic knighthood that rules the nation.  The Heldannic Knights have been long time foes of the Princess Ark.  This powerful order of knights is located in the Heldann Freeholds.  Before the knights' arrival, Heldanner were essentially farmers and fishers who migrated from Vestland -- very similar in style to our Icelanders.  The knights were pariahs expelled from Thyatis, brutal and cruel warriors who eventually conquered the Heldann Freeholds and established their theocracy: the Heldannic Order.  Includes an in-depth look at an order of knights in the D&D Game, an expanded background and new powers for Clerics and Avengers.

PAA1 Crown of Synn.  This adventure module is for use with the Princess Ark boxed set. The player characters are part of a landing party in the evil land of Glantri.  They are to retrieve the Crown of Synn, an instrument of Glantrian hegemony in the Known World and return to the ship.  The ultimate plan is to provoke Synn, Queen of Darkness and long-time rival of the Princess Ark, to risk an attack against the fabled ship and perhaps to meet her demise.

DCR1 Specularum AC 1011.  This new supplement provides a new look at the classic city of the D&D Game, during the game year of 1011 AC.  Includes street maps, building layouts, non player characters, historical information, etc.  We may develop a link with the electronic games based upon Karameikos.

Champions' DM Screen.  This replaces the old AC7 Master Player's Screen.  This eight-panel screen features a unique piece of art on one side (or a huge D&D logo), and useful charts on the inside.  The product is packaged in a four-page disposable paper cover.

AC1011 D&D Almanac.  This yearly Christmas item continues to expand the historical data of the Known and Hollow World settings.  This supplement provides global game events for the Game Year of AC 1011 (one year after the Wrath of the Immortals).


Adventures in Blackmoor Boxed Set.  This campaign set allows the return of the Blackmoor civilization in the Known World.  A bit of history: Blackmoor destroyed itself 1,000 years ago and was "cloned" inside the Hollow World sanctuary by the Immortals.  The Blackmoorians' technological antics finally upset the Immortals who literally kick them out of the Hollow World.  Blackmoor re-establishes itself on the Known World, after being copiously trashed by their Immortal (ex)- patrons.  Blackmoor distinguishes itself from the traditional fantasy genre because of modern technology equipment that keeps showing up in their setting.  These are rare, poorly understood items that become very dangerous in the wrong hands.  In a nutshell, Blackmoor qualifies as "dark-age medieval fantasy with technology"!

BMA1 Egg of Coot.  This adventure takes traditional player characters from the usual Known World to the chaotic Land of Blackmoor. They discover the secret and dark wonders of Blackmoor and realise the risks they pose to their way of life. They must shut down one of the known sources of technology-the strange and mysterious Egg of Coot. But it is indeed a deadly place.

BMA2 Doomsday Rod.  An adventure for native Blackmoor characters.  These adventurers hear of a secret weapons cache forgotten by the powerful entities of their land.  Contrary to the wisdom of characters in the traditional Known World setting, these fellows want these lethal contraptions to fulfil their dreams of power!  The player characters are allowed to get their hands on the deadly weapons, but in so doing trigger a doomsday machine.  The characters must use (and hopefully deplete) their newly acquired equipment to destroy the frightening machine.  A typical shoot'em up escapade for gunpowder-crazed players!

PAS2 Winds of Sind, Princess Ark Gazetteer.  Focuses on the Kingdom of Sind.  It details this vast realm of gurus, beggars, and wealthy maharajahs.  A common port of call for the Princess Ark lies in the city of Jahore, Pearl of Putnabad.  The captain of the Princess Ark, Haldemar, narrates his visit of Sind.

DCR2 Thyatis AC 1012.  This supplement provides a new look at the ancient Imperial City, during the game year of 1012 AC.  Includes street maps, building layouts, non player characters, historical information, etc.

AC1013 D&D Almanac.  This yearly Christmas item continues to expand the historical data of the Known and Hollow World settings.  This supplement provides global game events in 1012 AC (two years after Wrath of the Immortals).


Red Steel Campaign Boxed Set.  Our tentative plan for '95 includes the development of the Savage Coast, west of the Known World.  This region was colonized by the more disreputable and ruthless people of the Known World: criminals, unscrupulous adventurers, and pawns of Entropy on a quest for power and wealth.  Ignored by their Known World cousins, the conquerors forged new empires, unbound by the laws or philosophies of civilization.

There, they discovered Red Steel, a very precious but poisonous metal that provides special powers, but also can kill if improperly handled.  Red Steel affects everyone and everything there, from the kingdoms' economies to their philosophies.

The result is a setting where wars and treachery are as common as dragons in the uplands.  Magic, science, or common wealth are a thing of the past, rarities in this violent world.  Only ferocious rivalries now remain, opposing the Dark Kingdoms to the native rebels of the Savage Coast.

RSA1 Rif-Raf Barons.  This adventure brings player characters from the traditional Known World to the Savage Coast.  They have been hired to seek valuable merchandise from a local baron, and ship it back to a Minrothad Guild merchant prince.  They are authorized to buy the secret merchandise with weaponry that could allow the baron to crush a rebellion.  Will they side with their employer?  Will they turn to the insurgents?  Will they listen to rival barons?

RSA2 Slagovich Conspiracy.  The wealthy Hierarch of Slagovich dreams of becoming a greater king and is plotting to have various rif-raf barons marry his sisters.  But the rebels are watching and plan mischief of their own.  The player characters are hired to escort the youngest sister safely across the Gulf of Hule to one of the baronies.  The Hierarch plans to have the barons assassinated later and seize power for himself in the name of Greater Slagovich.  The plot thickens when the PCs discover the Slagovich Maidens are not the true sisters of the Hierarch either.  They are impostors serving The Master, Ruler of Hule.

PAS3 Swords of Wendar, Princess Ark Gazetteer.  This supplement focuses on the Kingdom of Wendar, city-building elves.  It details its people, their history and their land.  Elven magic, architecture and engineering skills are revealed.  Haldemar narrates his journey across Wendar and his discoveries.

DCR3 Ylaruam AC 1013.  This supplement provides a look at the Fabled City of the Desert, Jewel of al-Kalim, during the game year of 1013 AC.  Includes street maps, building layouts, non player characters, historical info, etc.

AC1013 D&D Almanac.  This yearly Christmas item continues to expand the historical data of the Known and Hollow World settings.  This supplement provides global game events for the Game Year of 1013 AC (13 years after the beginning of Wrath of the Immortals).

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