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  Collecting Ins & Outs How to start collecting, how to increase your efficiency, and pitfalls to be aware of 
  A Look at the Official AD&D Coloring Album Often regarded as a simple children's coloring book, this rare item offers an interesting glimpse at the early AD&D era 
  Mold & Mildew Summary A short summary article on storing your gaming supplies, and how to prevent & cure common maladies 
  Understanding Mold A more in-depth look at what mold is, and how it survives 
  Prevention of Mold Steps and methods used to deter the formation of the mold fungus 
  Treatment of Mold Discussion of how to combat mold should it infect your collection 
  Storage Materials The right types of plastic bags and cardboard backers 
  State of the Hobby An opinion column on the current state of the RPG collectible market
  Logo Design "A Personal Experience with Logo Design" by TSR artist Darlene.  Examines the design and selection of the eventual TSR Face Logo in 1980
  The Acaeum Forums Reach out to the D&D collector community!  Unmoderated discussions 
  The Acaeum DCP Handbook The Acaeum Distributed Computing Handbook, Part One.  Create and manage your own Acaeum subweb! 
  The Artwork Museum Showcasing original D&D artwork in the hands of collectors
  The Acaeum FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions
  AD&D Module Level Chart Matrix showing each AD&D module and its associated character levels.  Useful for charting an AD&D campaign 
  D&D Module Level Chart Matrix showing each D&D module and its associated character levels.  Useful for charting a D&D campaign 
  Basic Set Rulebook differences An exhaustive list of the changes between the first and the final versions of the Holmes (blue cover) Basic Set Rulebook 
  Blackmoor -- Original Map The first published map of the Blackmoor campaign; appeared in Domesday Book issue #13.  Was later modified for the First Fantasy Campaign by Judges Guild. 
  Book-Binding Terms Just what it says -- hopefully clears up obscure terms like "flyleaf" and "textblock" 
  Domesday Book A magazine / newsletter published by the Castle & Crusade Society (Gary Gygax's old gaming group) in the early 1970's 
  Errata: D&D Rules Cyclopedia Unofficial errata for the D&D Rules Cyclopedia, compiled by Jason MacInnes.  Revision 5.9b.  In Adobe PDF format 
  Errata: Dungeon Masters Guide Errata for the First print of the Dungeon Masters Guide.  Originally appeared in Dragon Magazine #35 
  Errata: Monster Manual Errata for the early prints of the Monster Manual.  Originally appeared in Dragon Magazine #35 
  Errata: Original D&D Set Errata for the First through Fourth prints of the Original D&D Set.  Originally appeared as a looseleaf sheet bundled with Second and Third prints of the Set 
  Errata: Players Handbook Errata for the early prints of the Players Handbook.  Originally appeared as an article in Dragon Magazine #35 
  Errata: Unearthed Arcana Errata for Unearthed Arcana.  Originally appeared as an article in Dragon Magazine #103 
  Foreign Editions Master List Master listing of every 1st Edition xD&D (pre-1989) TSR item published outside the United States and/or translated into a foreign language. Includes links to the individual Foreign Editions pages.  If you know of an item not listed here, please forward information about it (and send a scan, if you've got one!) 
  Header Modules A page on those modules that had a cardboard backing applied to the rear of the shrinkwrap, so that they could hang from a store rack 
  Module Code Definitions Explanatory text for the various module codes used by TSR over the years
  Monster & Treasure Asst Changes Changes made between the original, separate Monster & Treasure Assortments and the later compilation version 
  Ongoing Research Some of the more perplexing questions we're currently researching
  Print Run Estimates Estimations of number-of-copies-produced for various D&D items
  Site Statistics Random, questionably-useful statistics on The Acaeum
  TSR Codes The various terms (Stock Number, Piece Code, Module Code, etc) used on this site and the numbers on D&D products they correspond to 
  TSR Fonts A listing of confirmed (or best-guess) fonts used in D&D materials.  Finally, you can print up those house rules of yours and make them look authentic 
  TSR Logos Examples of the various TSR logos, 1974 - 1999
  TSR Stock List The (Mostly) Complete TSR Stock List.  A (mostly) complete list of every item produced by TSR, organized by TSR Stock Number.  The list is complete up to 1998; additions after that are sketchy.  (Click this link to save a Microsoft Word 2010 version of this document to your computer)
What's New History The complete archive of past "What's New" updates
  Adventurer's Guild: Dragotha's Lair From Series Eight of the Adventurer's Guild program, and intended as a supplement to the Return to White Plume Mountain module.  Link is to the Wizards of the Coast web site's download section 
  (To the) City of Brass Original, full-length AD&D tournament module by Robert J. Kuntz 
  Gazetteer 13 "Shadow Elves" by Carl Sargent and Gary Thomas.  Link is to the Wizards of the Coast web site's download section; the Gazetteer has been modified and split into a DMs Guide, a Player's Guide, and AD&D Statistics 
  Module DLC2 Errata The missing half ("Upper Reach") of the Icewall Castle map
  Module MSOLO1 "Blizzard Pass" by David Cook.  Not the complete text of the module, but rather the hidden entries only 
  Module MSOLO2 "Maze of the Riddling Minotaur" by Jeff Grubb.  Not the complete text of the module, but rather the hidden entries only 
  Module WGM1 Errata Missing text from page 25 of WGM1 Border Watch
Module WGR3 Errata Three missing maps from WGR3 Rary the Traitor    Map1   Map2   Map3 
Module WGRX "Ivid the Undying" by Carl Sargent.  Never released to the public, this module was supposedly on the verge of publication when the project was yanked.  The text of the module was released by Wizards of the Coast and is freely distributable.  This particular version has been extensively edited and re-formatted by William Allman, where he has painstakingly created a well-laid-out .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file from the original text.  The result is quite close to what the finished module may have looked like -- it even incorporates the maps into the module text, and features the planned cover art! 
Module WGRX Composite Map "Ivid the Undying" composite map, pieced together by Kent Matthewson.  Combines the maps into one master image, which is indispensable in running the adventure

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