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Errata for the early prints of the Monster Manual, first released in Jun 1978.  Unlike the errata for the Dungeon Masters Guide, which were incorporated all at once (into the "Revised Edition" of Dec 1979), the Monster Manual changes were gradually introduced over a period of two years, up to the "final" Fourth print.  The print in which the particular change was incorporated is noted in blue text below (note that a few changes never actually made it into any print).  These corrections originally appeared as an article in Dragon Magazine #35.

An error recently pointed out to us -- and never corrected in any print -- occurs on the back cover, in the Quasit's statistics.  The Hit Dice, Magic Resistance, # of Attacks, and Damage/Attack is different from the statistics listed inside the book.

A second never-corrected error: in the stats block for the Giant Water Beetle, it is listed as having a ground speed 3" (correct), and a flying speed of 12" (incorrect).  It's missing the second forward slash (3"//12") which would correctly identify the 12" as swimming speed.  Thanks to Samuel Thomas for this info.

Additionally, some monster pictures were left out of early prints, and gradually inserted in later prints (up to the "final" Fourth print).  The list of missing pictures per print is as follows (thanks to Larry Helm, Rene Hurka, and Antoine Pressard for this info):

First:  Ape (Carnivorous), Centaur, Doppleganger, Dryad, Eye of the Deep, Fungi, Gar, Ghost, Hobgoblin, Intellect Devourer, Kobold, Men (Berserker), Merman, Mummy, Otyugh, Pegasus, Pixie, Purple Worm, Rat (Giant, Sumatran), Skeleton, Slug, Sprite

Second:  Ape (Carnivorous), Eye of the Deep, Fungi, Otyugh, Rat (Giant, Sumatran)

Third:  Eye of the Deep, Fungi, Otyugh, Rat (Giant, Sumatran)

Fourth:  All pictures present.  Note that some monsters still do not have an accompanying illustration, but the Fourth print is as good as it gets.

Lastly, three pieces of artwork were changed between the First and Second prints, obstensibly because Dave Sutherland was forced to rush several pieces and was unhappy how they turned out. The three pieces are: the Chimera, the Type III Demon, and the Nightmare (thanks to Mike Ferdie for this info).

Correction 5‑6A:  Corrected in Second print

Magic Resistance: "Thus a magic resistance of 95% means that a 10th level magic‑user has no possibility of affecting the monster with a spell, while a 12th level magic‑user has a 10% chance." 

Addition 9A: 
Corrected in Second print

Beetle, Giant.  Statistics for the Stag beetle:

MOVE: 6 "
% IN LAIR: Nil
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 4‑16/1‑ 10/1‑ 10
SIZE: L (10' long)
    Attack/Defense Modes: Nil

Correction 9B:  Corrected in Second print

Bombardier Beetle: Cross out the second and third lines. The paragraph should read, "This beetle is usually found in wooded areas above ground. It feeds on offal and carrion primarily, gathering huge heaps of such material in which to lay its eggs. if this beetle is attacked or disturbed there is a 50% chance each melee round that it will turn its rear towards.. etc. The remainder of the paragraph is correct.

Addition 10A:  Never corrected

Beholder: MAGIC RESISTANCE: Special. This refers to the monster’s eleventh eye. The Anti‑Magic Ray can be used to protect the Beholder from magic of all forms.

Correction 11A:  Corrected in Second print

Warthog: DAMAGE/ATTACK: 2‑8/2‑8.

Correction 11B: 
Corrected in Third print

Brownie: ARMOR CLASS: 3.

Correction 12A:  Corrected in Second print

        SPECIAL ATTACKS: Charge.

Addition 17A: 
Corrected in Second print

Demon, Orcus: The information about his tail should read, "Additionally his tail has a virulent poison sting (‑4 on all saving throws against poison), and his toil strikes with an 18 dexterity which does 2‑8 hit points each time it hits."

Correction 18A: 
Corrected in Second print

Demon, Succubus: ARMOR CLASS should be 0.

Addition 18B: 
Corrected in Fourth print

Demon, Type I: The name (Vrock) should be placed after Type I.

Addition 18C: 
Corrected in Fourth print

Demon, Type II: The name (Hezrou) should follow Type II.

Addition 18D: 
Corrected in Fourth print / Corrected in Second print

Demon, Type III: The name (Glabrezu) should follow Type Ill. The DAMAGE/ATTACK should read 2‑12/2‑12/1‑3/1‑3/2‑5.

Correction 19A: 
Corrected in Fourth print / Corrected in Second print

Demon, Type IV: The name (Nalfeshnee, etc) should follow Type IV.  The ARMOR CLASS should be ‑1. The sentence concerning special abilities should read, "They have these other abilities which can be employed one per melee round..."

Correction 19B:  Corrected in Fourth print / Corrected in Second print

Demon, Type V: The name (Marilith, etc) should follow Type V.  The ARMOR CLASS should be ‑7/‑5.

Correction 19C:  Corrected in Second print

Demon, Type VI: The ARMOR CLASS should read ‑2.

Correction 21A:  Corrected in Second print

Devil, Baalzebul: NO. OF ATTACKS: 1 bite
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 2‑12 + poison.

Correction 22A:  Corrected in Second print

Devil, Geryon: SPECIAL DEFENSES: + 2 or better weapon to hit.

Correction 22B:  Corrected in Second print

Devil, Horned: ARMOR CLASS: ‑5
 HIT DICE: 5 + 5
 SPECIAL DEFENSES: + 1 or better weapon to hit.

Correction 22C:  Corrected in Second print

Devil, Ice: ARMOR CLASS: ‑4
SPECIAL DEFENSES: + 2 or better weapon to hit.

Correction 23A:  Corrected in Second print

Devil, Pit Fiend: ARMOR CLASS: ‑3
SPECIAL DEFENSES: +2 or better weapon to hit.

Correction 25A:  Corrected in Fourth print

Dinosaur, Ceratosaurus: INTELLIGENCE: Non­
                                       ALIGNMENT: Neutral

Correction 27A:  Corrected in Second print

Dinosaur, Stegosaurus: ARMOR CLASS: 2/5.

Correction 27B:  Corrected in Second print

Dinosaur, Teratosaurus: NO. OF ATTACKS: 3
                                    DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1‑3/1‑3/3‑18

Correction 28A: 
Corrected in Second print

Dinosaur, Triceratops: DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1‑8/1‑12/1‑12

Correction 28B:  Corrected in Second print

Displacer Beast: DAMAGE/ATTACK: 2‑8/2‑8

Correction 29A: 
Corrected in Second print

Dragon: The second sentence of the introduction should read, "Two sorts of dragons (the Chromatic Dragon and the Platinum Dragon) ore singular individuals, and there are no others of their type."

Correction 32A: 
Corrected in Second print

Dragon, Chromatic: DAMAGE/ATTACK: 2‑16/3‑18/2‑20/3‑24/3‑30/1‑6

In the 3rd paragraph, the second sentence should be changed to say, "If her body takes more than 48 points of damage she is dispelled to her own plane of Hell (or slain if fought in Hell) just as any other devil."

Correction 33A:  Corrected in Second print

Dragon, Gold: The description of attack modes should read, "The attack of a gold dragon can be a claw/claw/bite routine or one of two breath weapons ‑ fire in a 9" X 3" cone, or chlorine gas in a 5" X 4" X 3" cloud."

Correction 36A: 
Corrected in Second print

Eagle, Giant: The last sentence of the first paragraph should read, "They can carry up to 2000 gold pieces at half speed."

Correction 39A:  Corrected in Fourth print

Elf:  Strike the asterisk and footnote found in the statistics so that the following listings read,
            PSIONIC ABILITY: Nil
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil.

Correction 40A:  Corrected in Second print

Ettin: DAMAGE/ATTACK: 2‑16/3‑18.

Correction 41A:  Corrected in Second print

Frog, Giant: SIZE: S to M (6').

Correction 41B:  Corrected in Second print

Frog, Killer: HIT DICE: 1 + 4.

Correction 44A:  Corrected in Fourth print

Giant: The sentence about giant strength found in the introduction should read, "All giants are very strong, with strengths ranging from 19 to 25 as compared to humans."

Correction 44B:  Corrected in Second print

Giant, Cloud: ARMOR CLASS: 2.

Correction 44C:  Corrected in Second print

Giant, Fire: ARMOR CLASS: 3.

Correction 45A:  Corrected in Second print

Giant, Stone: ARMOR CLASS: 0.

Correction 45B:  Corrected in Second print

Giant, Storm: ARMOR CLASS: 1.

Correction 46A:  Corrected in Second print

Gnome: HIT DICE: 1.

Addition 47A:  Corrected in Second print


Correction 47B:  Corrected in Second print

Golem, Clay: The sentence concerning the spells required should read, "It requires a resurrection spell, an animate objects spell, a commune spell, a prayer spell, and a bless spell."

Correction 48A:  Never corrected

Golem, Flesh: MOVE: 9".

Correction 49A:  Corrected in Second print

Gray Ooze: The final sentence should read, "After loosing its psionic attack the gray ooze can be psionically attacked."

Correction 51A:  Corrected in Second print

Hell Hound: DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1‑10.

Correction 54A:  Corrected in Second print

Intellect Devourer: HIT DICE: 6 + 6

Correction 55A:  Corrected in Second print

Ixitxachitl: The description of leaders should read, "If more than 50 are encountered there will be these additional ixitxachitl with the group: a leader with 8th level clerical spell ability and quadruple normal hit dice, two guards with 6th level clerical spell ability and triple normal hit dice."

Correction 60A:  Corrected in Second print

Leopard: SPECIAL ATTACKS: Rear claws for 1‑4/1‑4
               SPECIAL DEFENSES: Surprised only on a 1
               MAGIC RESISTANCE: Standard.

Correction 62A:  Corrected in Second print

Lurker Above: The sentence describing the monster's special attacks should read, "This constriction causes 1‑6 points of damage per round, and the victims will smother in 2‑5 rounds in any event unless they kill the lurker' and thus break free."

Correction 63A:  Corrected in Second print

Wererat: SIZE: S‑M

Correction 73A:  Corrected in Second print

Naga, Spirit: In the section describing the spirit naga, the sentence describing its magical attack should read, "In addition to a poisonous bite for 1‑3 hit points damage, these monsters can permanently charm (as a charm spell) any humanoid creature that meets the gaze of these monsters unless a saving throw vs. paralyzation is made."

Correction 75A:  Corrected in Second print

Ogre: The sentence describing leaders should read, "If 11 or more ogres are encountered, there will be one who is a leader (armor class 3, 30‑33 hit points, attacking as a 7 hit dice creature and doing from 2‑12 hit points damage/attack)."

Correction 76A:  Corrected in Second print

Orc: DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1‑8 or by weapon type

Fourth paragraph (orc lairs are underground . . . etc.), third sentence should read, "A chief and 5‑30 bodyguards (AC 4, 13‑16 hit points, attack as monsters with 3 hit dice and do 2-8 hit points of damage)."

Correction 78A:  Corrected in Second print

Piercer: MAGIC RESISTANCE: Standard.

Correction 79A: 
Corrected in Second print

Portuguese Man‑O‑War: MAGIC RESISTANCE: Standard.

Correction 83A:  Corrected in Second print

Roper: In the section describing the roper's special attacks, the sentence giving the chances for breaking free should read, "The chance for breaking a strand is the some as opening a door, but every round the roper will drag its victim 10' closer."

Correction 83B:  Corrected in Second print

Rust Monster: NO. OF ATTACKS: 2
DAMAGE/ATTACK is still Nil. This monster eats only metal objects, it will not physically harm an adventurer.

Correction 92A:  Corrected in Second print

Stirge: The first sentence of the second paragraph should read, "Stirges attack as if they were creatures of 4 hit dice rather than 1 + 1."

Correction 94A: 
Corrected in Second print

Titan: MOVE: 21" or 15"

The larger titans move slower than the lesser ones.

Correction 95A:  Corrected in Second print

Toad, Giant: MOVE: 6" + 6" hop

Correction 95B:  Corrected in Second print

Toad, Poisonous: MOVE: 6 " + 6 " hop

Correction 97A:  Corrected in Second print

Troll: DAMAGE/ATTACK: 5‑8/5‑8/2‑12

The explanation of regeneration in the second paragraph should read "Regeneration repairs damage at 3 hit points per round; this regeneration includes the rebonding of severed members."

Correction 98A:  Corrected in Second print

Umber Hulk: HIT DICE: 8 + 8

Correction 99A:  Corrected in Fourth print

Vampire: In the seventh paragraph describing how a vampire may be slain, the third sentence should read, "The vampire loses one‑third of its hit points per round of immersion."

Correction 100A:  Modified from this correction in the Second print

Wight: In the second paragraph, cross out the portion of the third sentence that reads, "Plus the hit die for the level drained." The sentence should read, "The creature so hit, loses both the hit points of damage scored (1 ‑4), plus a level of ability, i.e. a 9th level character struck by a wight becomes 8th level."

Correction 101A:  Corrected in Second print

Wolf, Dire: SIZE: M (L)

Correction 102A: 
Corrected in Second print

Wraith: Cross out, "% IN DICE: 5 + 3. "

Correction 102B: 
Corrected in Second print

Xorn: NO. OF ATTACKS: 4.

Correction 103A:  Corrected in Second print

Yeti: The second paragraph, last sentence, should read, "For each level above first add 5% chance of spotting a Yeti at normal distance, i.e. a 2nd level character has a 5% chance of spotting one."

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