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Title: Zantius
Type: Play by Mail Roleplaying Game
System: Zantius
Author(s): John Lind, Chuck Anshell, Bob Bledsaw
     Editor(s): Unknown
     Artist(s): Unknown
     Cartography: N/A
Date Published: 1980
Format: 32-page book
Original Price: $5.00


The very name brings images of medieval intrigue and pagentry to the mind.  Come with us into a world where you will be lord of a manor, a member of the royal family.  As such, you have wealth and power and the ability to build upon your land.  You can manage wisely while building your military powers for attacks against enemies and, thus, gain more lands and wealth and power.  You may use these to aid your leige lord while you attepmt to gain even more power for yourself.  If you are clever and strong, you may even become the King someday.

Printing Information

The initial sign up fee for this play by mail game was $20 and included the rulebook and 10 "turn points".  This was advertised in Journal 17 (Z) and Dungeoneer 14 Product list is titled "Treasure Vault" with the highest number being 260.


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Zantius (Cover)
Zantius (List of Cities)
Zantius (Self created Map)