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The Judges Guild name

#40/41 use the newer font and were first listed in Journal N

The original logo was a bit finer and less 'bold'.  It had 2 serifs on the left side of the "J" and a high serif on the top of the "s".

The newer version had 1 serif on the "J" and not much of a serif on the "s".

Judges Guild Name (1976+)
Judges Guild Name (Aug/Sept 1977+)

The Flying Pegasus

Flying Pegasus (No Shield) (1976-78)
Flying Pegasus (Triangular Shield) (1979-80)
Flying Pegasus (Long Shield) (1980+)

The Sphinx

Sphinx (1980+)

This sticker was used on products before the approval for use with D&D was awarded to Judges Guild by TSR.
From Bill Owen: "So as soon as the royalty agreement was signed I had (3000? I can�t remember for sure) white print on red background stickers made up quickly at Wood or Abbott & Foran Printing from Avery Labels i.e. 33-up on a page but the �gripper� on offset printing caused waste of 1 row of labels.  So we stuck those on all the products that were already printed/packaged and then as a new product came out or reprinting of an old product, we�d incorporate similar art instead."
Thanks to Bill Owen for help with this info, and to John Woosley for the scan.

Approved For Dungeons & Dragons Sticker

This bumper sticker measures 10 3/4" x 1 3/4" and was made on Brown-Bridge's Strip-Tac Plus paper.
From Bill Owen: "It is the 'newer' Olde English logo.  I assume that Bob changed the logo to the bolder version after I left and I don�t remember making a bumper sticker."

Judges Guild Name Sticker