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The Judges Guild name

#40/41 use the newer font and were first listed in Journal N

The original logo was a bit finer and less 'bold'.  It had 2 serifs on the left side of the "J" and a high serif on the top of the "s".

The newer version had 1 serif on the "J" and not much of a serif on the "s".

Judges Guild Name (1976+)
Judges Guild Name (Aug/Sept 1977+)

The Flying Pegasus

Flying Pegasus (No Shield) (1976-78)
Flying Pegasus (Triangular Shield) (1979-80)
Flying Pegasus (Long Shield) (1980+)

The Sphinx

Sphinx (1980+)

This sticker was used on products before the approval for use with D&D was awarded to Judges Guild by TSR.
From Bill Owen: "So as soon as the royalty agreement was signed I had (3000? I can’t remember for sure) white print on red background stickers made up quickly at Wood or Abbott & Foran Printing from Avery Labels i.e. 33-up on a page but the ‘gripper’ on offset printing caused waste of 1 row of labels.  So we stuck those on all the products that were already printed/packaged and then as a new product came out or reprinting of an old product, we’d incorporate similar art instead."
Thanks to Bill Owen for help with this info, and to John Woosley for the scan.

Approved For Dungeons & Dragons Sticker

This bumper sticker measures 10 3/4" x 1 3/4" and was made on Brown-Bridge's Strip-Tac Plus paper.
From Bill Owen: "It is the 'newer' Olde English logo.  I assume that Bob changed the logo to the bolder version after I left and I don’t remember making a bumper sticker."

Judges Guild Name Sticker