Lost Man's Trail

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Title: Lost Man's Trail
Type: Supplement
System: Universal
Author(s): Bob Bledsaw
     Editor(s): Bob Bledsaw II, Bob Bledsaw III
     Artist(s): Erin McKee, Ed Perry, Ken Simpson
     Cartography: Bob Bledsaw, Aaron Bledsaw, Bob Bledsaw II
Date Published: 2010
Format: 43-page book
Original Price: $16.00 print on demand thru lulu, $8.00 pdf thru lulu & RPGNow


The trail east from Modron to the Coast, known as Lost Man's Trail, has been a source of mystery for some time.  Adventurers have a habit of disappearing from the trail.  Are they lured away by some enticement, or waylaid by the legendary Skandic Raiders?  The only safe place to stay, The Fat Deer Inn, offers good ale, soft bedding, and an assortment of characters; each having their own reason for being there.

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The Lost Man's Trail marks Judges Guild's first original product release in 25 years.  This is the last work of Bob Bledsaw before his passing.


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