Pegasus 12

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Item Code:  1210

Title:  Pegasus 12

Type:  Magazine

System:  Universal

Author(s):  Various

Date Published:  1983, February/March

Format:  96-page periodical

Original Price:  $3.00

Publisher:  Bob Bledsaw
Managing Editor:  Mike Maddin
Composing:  Debye Pruitt
Layout and Graphics:  Roger C. Harvey


  Horse Feathers by Mike Maddin 04
  Spell Book 09
       Two Spells by David L. Porter  
  Hanging Out In The City State by Bryan Hinnen 25
       Part Three of the Continuing Saga  
  Town Crier 75
  All That Glitters 78
       Possible Quest Material  
  Convention Compendium 80
  Magik Tomes by Lee Michaels 91
  The Crystal Ball 94
  Deathwatch by Mike West 05
       The Further Adventures of Tonder and ToPik  
  Adventure of the Silver Hook by Gerald Seypura 07
       A New Skull & Crossbones Scenario  
  Origins Awards Nomination Ballot 09
  This Realm of Savagery Part 2 by Jan Bee Landman 10
       More From a Master Craftsman of Suspense!  
  Operation Psychopath by Gary Watkins 15
       A Champions Man adventure  
  The Mask of the Faceless Sorcerer by Paul O'Connor 20
       A Storm bringer Scenario  
  A Fantasist Apologetic by Joseph Ravine 28
       In Which We Resurrect the Debate  
  Written Languages by Mike Horn 29
       Fantasy Alphabets and Their Uses  
  The Cashbox by Paul Andrew Denisowski 31
       Tables for Generating Instant Cashboxes!  
  Rumors at the Wayfarer's Inn Addition 32
       The Elven Typist Admits to Being Human  
  Being a Fantasy Writer Is.... by Paul Andrew Denisowski 65
       With Comment From the Editor!  
  The Five Senses in AD&D by Roy Cram 66
       See No Evil, Hear No Evilů  
  The Tower of Babel by Graeme Davis 67
       A Test of Survival  
  Physiker Revival for The Fantasy Trip by Donald D. Rollins 77
       Now, There's Hope for Survival Without Magik!  
  Eugenics Incorporated by Gary Watkins 81
       A New Champions Villains Group  
  Ambereye Keep by Michael Stern 82
       For Use With AD&D or Runequest!  
  Ten Minutes by George W. Smythe 90
       Guess What's Happening  
Guildmember Installment:    
  Ignoble Inns - The Sage's Quest 33
       By the Judges Guild Staff  
            Ignoble Inns Judge's Information 34
            The Raging Mane Inn 35
            Raging Mane Inn First Floor Map 36
            Raging Mane Inn Basement Map 43
            The Anaconda Inn 46
            Anaconda Inn Map 48
            Merry Mugs Inn 51
            Merry Mugs Inn Map 53
            Desert Cave Inn 58
            Desert Cave Inn Map 61
            Universal Format Information 62
  Maps by Ron Ellrick  

Art Credits:

  Aaron Arocho Front Cover
  Kevin Siembieda Installment Cover, 05,
    07, 09, 66, 72, 73
  Erin McKee 08
  Paul Jaquays 16
  Ken Simpson 13
  Ed Perry 81

Printing Information

Product list is titled "Treasure Vault" and also has ads with the highest number being 1170.

Pegasus 12