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Item Code:  1200

Title:  Tarantis

Type:  Campaign Setting

System:  Universal Fantasy

Author(s):  Bob Bledsaw

Date Published:  1983

Format:  2 96-page books, 22" x 34" map, 20" x 28" map, 2 17 x 22 maps (Judge, Player)

Original Price:  $14.98

This is the 3rd City State from Judges Guild.  The books detail the City State of Tarantis and the surrounding campaign area with the history, government, customs, religions, and military of Tarantis.  They also cover the shops and courts of Tarantis, The Tarantine Palace, Bard or Fighter Citadel, Ho Chi's Castle, The Azurerain Pirates and their stronghold.  Included are a 22"x34" map of the entire Wilderlands, a 20"x28" map of the City State of Tarantis and 2 maps (Judge, Player) of Campaign Map #4-Tarantis/ Campaign Map #5-Valon.

Printing Information

This was given an initial product number of 1090 at the back of Pegasus 8
Product list is titled "Treasure Vault" with the highest number being 1130.


by Mark Shipley found here.

Tarantis (Cover)
Tarantis (Ad)
Tarantis (Book 1)
Tarantis (Book 2)
Wilderlands (Map) Tarantis (City State Map)