In Search of Kelandor's Gold

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Item Code:  1170

Title:  In Search of Kelandor's Gold

Type:  Scenario

System:  Universal

Author(s):  Greg Geilman

Date Published:  1982

Format:  80-page book

Original Price:  $3.00

It is rumored that the vast treasure of Kelandor I still lies scattered about the once mighty castle.  The present lord, Kelandor IX has invited any and all to search for the treasure in return for clearing the castle of the many monsters that have taken up residence there since the demise of Kelandor I.  This new adventure is for a dungeon party of 5-8 adventurers of levels 6-10, containing 9 dungeon levels, 10 maps, 7 new monsters and over 90 NPCs.

Printing Information

Product list is titled "Treasure Vault" with the highest number being 1130.

In Search of Kelandor's Gold (1st Printing)