Imperial Infantry Squad

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Item Code:  1110

Title:  Imperial Infantry Squad

Type:  Supplement

System:  Universal/War Gaming

Author(s):  Marc Summerlott

Date Published:  1982

Format:  32-page book, 2 12" x 22" full-color geomorphic maps, 480 counters, 2 d6ís, errata and enhancement sheet, box

Original Price:  $15.00

The game is a tactical-level simulation of infantry combat in the far future.  While the game is self-contained, it was designed for use with sci-fi campaigns and the resolving of battles in them.  The easy-to-learn rules cover the basics of any war game such as movement and fire, flight, night combat, dropping powered infantry from starships, and much more.  Also included are rules covering the raising and maintaining of units in a campaign and 11 exciting scenarios that can be played as a board game simulation or role playing simulation.

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From Bob Bledsaw: "The boarding party combat between Darth Vader's minions and the princesses defending soldiers, inspired him to design 'Imperial Infantry Squad'."

Imperial Infantry Squad (Box) Imperial Infantry Squad (Book)
Imperial Infantry Squad (Blue Counters) Imperial Infantry Squad (Red/White Counters)
Imperial Infantry Squad (Map 1) Imperial Infantry Squad (Map 2)
Imperial Infantry Squad (Errata Sheet)