Corsairs of the Turku Waste

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Item Code:  880

Title:  Corsairs of the Turku Waste

Type:  Scenario

System:  Traveller

Author(s):  Dave Sering

Date Published:  1982

Format:  32-page book

Original Price:  $5.98

This Scenario details exciting adventure involving space pirates and their prey.  Three new Corsair-Type starships are included, along with 5 scenarios ranging from ship-to-ship combat to a salvage mission.  Pirate crews and their leaders are described, as well as merchant crews and their ship.

Printing Information

Note:  This product was originally just titled Azure Sea Falcon.

Product list is titled "Treasure Vault" with the highest number being 820.

Corsairs of the Turku Waste (1st Printing)