Pegasus 6

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Item Code:  870

Title:  Pegasus 6

Type:  Magazine

System:  Universal

Author(s):  Various

Date Published:  1982, February/March

Format:  96-page periodical

Original Price:  $3.00

Publisher:  Bob Bledsaw
Editor-in-Chief:  Paul Vinton
Editor:  Edward R. G. Mortimer
Graphics and Layout:  Roger Harvey, Mark Holmer, 13
Typing and Composing:  Debye Pruitt, Lindsay Smith, Tami Smith
Staff:  Rick Hawser, Jerry Taylor, Penny Gooding, Joseph Weingand Dave Sering


  Horse Feathers by Edward R. G. Mortimer 04
       The editor babbles on....  
  A Stroll through the Market Place by 13 and Joseph Weingand 07
       More new releases!  
  The Vile File by Will Faust 08
  Morrow Project Report by Bill Pixley 08
       Detailing a continued influx of foreign arms!  
  Gateway Quadrant by Dave Sexing 12
       Traveller aids and Rumors from Ley Sector  
  Hanging Out in the City-State by Edward R. G. Mortimer 16
       Suggestions for using Judges Guild play-aids  
  Screen Scenes by C. J. Henderson 20
       Comparative review of 1981's Science Fiction and Fantasy  
  Magik Tomes by Debye Pruitt and C. J. Henderson 25
       Three new releases reviewed for you  
  From the Horse's Mouth by Rob Greenberg 89
       Computer game reviews  
  Convention Compendium 90
       Get ready to pack your bags and take a trip!  
  The Town Crier 92
       Comments from our Readers  
  Reader Survey 05
       Looking for your response!  
  Caves of the Goblin Lord by Dan Goodsell 27
       A Melee/ Wizard adventure for beginners!  
  Beastmaster Safari Ship by Stefen Jones 29
       A new ship design for Traveller Hunters!  
  An Index to Arduin Grimoire Magik by Joseph O. Alford 66
       Put an end to time-consuming searches through three volumes  
  with this all-encompassing article!  
  Jackrabbits’ Lair by Daniel J. Maxfield 69
       Especially for Watership Down enthusiasts!  
  Rules for Kaissa: Gorean Chess by Paul Elkmann 71
       An otherworld chess system!  
  Blood Tribute by David F. Nalle 73
       Beginning adventure from Ysgarth!  
  Seatrade Guidelines by Tom Jones 84
       Sea Merchants, Ahoy!  
  Showing Your True Colors by John Mortimer 87
       Pirates off the port bow (and how to tell them apart)!  
  I'm Starving! by Mark Tarkington 93
       Living off the land in FRP  
Guildmember Installment:    
  The Azurerain Pirates by R. J. Baier 33
       Explore the lair of the River Pirates of Toreros!  
            Background 35
            Average Ship Characteristics 35
            Tarentine Merchants’ Association 35
            Bireznia, Lair of the Azurerain Brotherhood 36
            Terrain Map, Hex 2625, Map 4 37
            The Golden Griffon 39
            Other Captains 44
            Cutul-Nyar 45
            Level 1 Map 48
            Level 2 Map 51
            Level 3 Map 53
            Level 4 Map 57
            Events and Encounters in Town 60

Art Credits:

  Rick Houser Front Cover
  Mark Holmer Front Cover Color
  Kevin Siembeida 35, 36, 39, 40, 42, 43,
    44, 49, 50, 52, 54, 55,
    56, 59
  Ken Simpson 18, 19, 41, 44, 49, 50,
    56, 69, 75, 91
  Erin McKee 17, 34, 39, 66, 67, 68,
    72, 82, 87
  John Mortimer 16, 17, 18, 87, 88, 90,
  Paul Jaquays 13, 19, 28, 66
  Russ Steffens 19, 61
  Ed Perry 34
  Mel White 62
  J.G. Staff Composite 30

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Product list is titled "Booty List" and also has ads with the highest number being 930.

Pegasus 6