Pegasus 5

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Item Code:  830

Title:  Pegasus 5

Type:  Magazine

System:  Universal

Author(s):  Various

Date Published:  1981, December 1981/January 1982

Format:  96-page periodical

Original Price:  $3.00

Publisher:  Bob Bledsaw
Editor-in-Chief:  Paul Vinton
Editor:  Edward R. G. Mortimer
Staff:  Dave Sering, Bill Pixley, Joseph Weingand, Bart Hughes, Clayton Miner, Scott Fulton, Penny Gooding, Debye Pruitt, Lindsay Smith, Rick Houser, John Mortimer, Jerry Taylor


  Horse Feathers by Edward R. G. Mortimer 04
  The Town Crier 12
       TFT anyone?  
  Morrow Project Report by Bill Pixley 17
       A Cannon, Mortar, Armored Truck and More!  
  Gateway Quadrant by Dave Sexing 19
       Trouble shooting Traveller Campaigns!  
  A Stroll through the Market Place by 13 and Joseph Weingand 22
       An Encounter with the Merchant Masters  
  Convention Compendium 28
       Conventions Galore!  
  Hanging Out in the City-State by Edward R. G. Mortimer 73
       Attend a Party at the Slave Masters' Guild!  
  Screen Scenes by C. J. Henderson 77
       C. J. Reviews the Time Bandits!  
  Magik Tomes by C. J. Henderson 79
       New releases Iron Harry Harrison and Andre Norton  
  Origin of the "Black Arts" by William Hamblin 08
       A short lesson on the background of magic  
  The Crusade Against Fantasy Role Playing by Dr. Robert M. Price 11
       One man's opinion on the effort to crush FRP. Do you share  
  A Trip to the Underworld by Bill Paley 15
       The last pun!  
  The Vile File by Will Faust 16
       The start of a hilarious adventure!  
  Potions Perilous by Roy Cram 23
       Quaff that potion with gusto! After all, you only go around  
  All That Glitters 30
       Treasure Everywhere!  
  The Saving of Kris Kringle by Bart Hughes 67
       Can you save old Kris from the clutches of evil Orcs, Goblins,  
  and Trolls before the night of the Winter Equinox?  
  Triple Entente by Edward M. Vaughn 81
       Now, which way do we go? An adventure that is reminiscent of  
  the Lady and the Tiger story but with a twist!  
  Adventure of the Devil's Luck by Gerald Seypura 84
       Another Skulls and Crossbones mini-scenario!  
  Mermaid Memories by Diane Mortimer and 13 89
       A memory from ages past!  
  ... and Things That Go Bump in the Night! 90
Guildmember Installment:    
  Quest for the Silver Empress by Clayton Miner 33
       City State Campaign Aid.  
            Notes 35
            The Stories 36
            Copper Cup House 38
            The Nosferatu 47
            Essential Tables 54
            Silver Empress Maps 61
  Art by Gustave Dores, Kevin Siembieda, Paul Jaquays, Ken  
  Simpson, Rick Houser, Bob Bingham  
  Graphics and Layout by Jerry Taylor, Bart Hughes, Cedric  
  Oakenshield and 13  

Art Credits:

  Aaron Arocho Front Cover, 90, 91
  Rick Houser Front Cover Color, 31
  John Mortimer 17, 18, 23, 28, 71, 89,
  Stan Woodvine 12, 28, 31
  Erin McKee 05, 28, 93
  Paul Jaquays 31, 73
  Ed Perry 31
  13 74

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Product list is titled "Booty List" and also has ads with the highest number being 940.

Pegasus 5