Pegasus 3

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Item Code:  620

Title:  Pegasus 3

Type:  Magazine

System:  Universal

Author(s):  Various

Date Published:  1981, August/September

Format:  96-page periodical

Original Price:  $3.00

Publisher:  Bob Bledsaw
Editor-in-Chief:  Michael D. Reagan
Editors:  Chuck Anshell
Staff:  Penny Gooding, Debye Pruitt, Ken Simpson, Rick Houser, Jerry Taylor, Clayton Miner, Scott Fulton, Lindsay Smith, Tami Smith, Donna Mathis


  Horse Feathers by Chuck Anshell 04
       A flight through our new Columns and Articles.  
  A Stroll through the Market Place by Clayton Miner 07
       All Things New and Wonderful!  
  Convention Compendium 79
       Who, What, When, and Where  
  An Interview with Dave Sering 05
       Dave Sering has been with Judges Guild for over two years  
  and has helped produce over 50 products.  
  Duck Tower by Paul Jaquays 09
       Gives us a delightful Expansion Adventure.  
  Physical Description: by Tom Jones 13
       Describing your NPC's  
  Things That Go Bump In The Night 15
       More Neat Nasties  
       Lava Man by Jon-Pierre Pazevic  
       Flyke by Tom O'Cull  
  Sea Mages by Paul Elkman 16
       Sea Mages from Goeldriaf  
  Catapult Warfare by Keith Bradsher 25
       The use of Catapults from Land or Sea can change the course  
  of the battle  
  All That Glitters 30
       New and Different Treasure Items  
       The Dwarven Pick of Mining by Edward R. G. Mortimer  
       The Gnomish Hammer of Carpentry by Edward R. G. Mortimer  
       The Amulet of the Moon by Edward R. G. Mortimer  
  Wilderness Roads by Paul Andrew Denisowski 80
       A short article on Road Travel Encounters  
  Wanderer's Merchant Company by David MacKenzie 81
       Ever want to be a Wandering Merchant? Here's how! Though  
  mainly for Sea Merchant, they can be used by Land Merchants  
  The Adventure of Yardarm McGraw's Treasure by Gerald Seppana 85
       A Skulls and Crossbones Adventure by one of the game's  
  Traveller Combat Revisions by Tom Holsinger 87
       An interesting variant including Ship Design Revisions  
Guildmember Installment:    
  Isle of the Blest by Scott Fulton 31
       City State Campaign Aid.  
            Isle of the Blest 33
            Local Information 33
            Enlifan Underlake Society 39
            Enlifan Underlake Society Map 40
            Isles of the Slain Map 41
            Local Information 42
            UnderSea Temple Map 48
            Undersea Labyrinth Map 49
            Undersea Labyrinth 51
            Temple Complex 52
            Room Descriptions 53
            Isle of Blest Map 56
            Villages 58
            Adventures and Finds 61
            Encounter Table 63
            Rallu Map 64
  From the Horses Mouth by Clayton Miner 90
       Reviews of Arduin Adventure and Swashbuckler  

Art Credits:

  Ken Simpson Front Cover, 81, 85
  Rick Houser Front Cover Color, 16,
  Jerry Taylor 31
  Erin McKee 15
  Kevin Siembieda 08
  Tom O'Cull 15

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Product list is titled "Booty List" and also has ads with the highest number being 760.

Pegasus 3