Dungeoneer 19/Journal 22

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Item Code:  370

Title:  Dungeoneer 19/Journal 22

Type:  Magazine

System:  Universal

Author(s):  Various

Date Published:  1980, August/September

Format:  64-page periodical

Original Price:  $2.80

Journal Editor & Publisher:  Bob Bledsaw
Editor-in-Chief:  Michael D. Reagan
Dungeoneer Editor:  Charles Anshell
Staff:  Penny Gooding, Debbie McGill, Jerry Taylor, Ken Simpson


  Laboratory 02
       Commentary by Samurai Editor  
  Tips from the Tower 03
       The very latest from all the Greatest  
  Prodigious Platemail 04
       Readers Record Randomly Recognizable Repartee  
  Words & Whips 19
       Sustenance comes from Survey Comments and some chitchat  
  Monster Matrix  
       Kornbock by Kurt Smeby 31
       Skogsra by Kurt Smeby 31
       Balloon Beast by John Pittenger 32
       Deinonychus by John Clark 32
       Waldweibchen by Kurt Smeby 33
       Vodyaniye by Kurt Smeby 33
  Nose Wet? No Sweat! by Bill Paley 42


  A Trip to the Underworld by Bill Paley 06
       Wherein our heroes discuss money?  
  This is the Way Heroes Die by Tom McCloud 15
       The final installment wherein intrepid Rabbi Ben Levi and  
  Randall Logan may both find themselves  


  Using Klutz Factors by Kevin Fortune 07
       King Kevin Concatenates Factors. Fun and Fortune  
  Weapon Masters by Kenneth King 11
       A new Fighter Sub-class for those who need a Bow or Sword to  
  get anywhere  
  Critical Hits and Fumbles on Non-Humans by Glenn Goddard 13
       Special Tables for those Monsters that just arenít human  
  Dungeon Diseases by Lew Pulsipher 21
       Returning from isolation in a remote corner of the world called    
  England. Pulsipher Postulates the Probabilities Promulgating  
  throughout Past and Present Parties  
  The Five Lens by Geoffrey Tolle 22
       An unusual mini-dungeon for fun? and profit  
  Jewelry by Steve Marsh 25
       Short but sweet Tables for roll-your-own fans  
  Phoenixes by Steve Marsh 34
       A new Character Class  
  Mac's Packs by Tom McCloud 37
       You can't buy a wig if ya dasn't haggle, unless you see Big  
  Silence by Kenneth King 41
  PC Parents by Gary Foote 43
       Charts to help you determine effects of Heredity on your PC  
  Metallurgy & FRP by Steve Marsh 46
       A short dissertation on Aluminium ...er Almoonium...ah - and  
  Dungeon Generator by Charles L Evans 47
       A nice set of Tables for use in creating AD&D type Solo  
  Greek & Roman Nymphs by C. Lawrence Anderson 54
       A brief discussion on adding these fantastic creatures to your  
  Rumors for Traveller by Bill Paley 55
       Did you hear about...  
  The Old Hill by Steve Marsh 56
       A C&S Adventure for the stalwart  

Art Credits:

  Paul Jaquays Front Cover, 02, 46
  Aaron Arocho 06, 07, 09, 10, 14, 31,
    32, 33, 45
  Ken Simpson 09, 10, 14, 18, 40, 41,
    42, 54, 58, 60, 64 

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Dungeoneer 19/Journal 22