Dungeoneer 18

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Item Code:  290

Title:  Dungeoneer 18

Type:  Magazine

System:  Universal

Author(s):  Various

Date Published:  1980, July/August

Format:  64-page periodical

Original Price:  $2.80

Editor:  Chuck Anshell

Assistant Editor: 



  Laboratory by Chuck Anshell 01
  Monster Matrix  
       Jinx Cat by B. Chapin 32
       Carnivorous Cockroaches by B. Chapin 32
       The Glek by Brian Wagner 33
       Cops by Randolf King 33
  Dungeoneer Depths (Mini-Dungeon)  
       The Oldcastle Inn by Mark Watson 43
  Convention Watch 55
  Nose Wet or No Sweat 58
  Booty Bag  
       Torch of Shadow Control & The Golden Strand by B. Chapin 59
       Aura Barrier, Slicing Wire & Android Wire by Kevin Slimak 59
       Potion of Danger Perception & Scroll by Brian Wagner 60
       Ring of Wakefulness by Lee Sunderlin 60
  A Trip to the Underworld by Bill Paley 02
  The Leprechaun Rosary by Tom McCloud 03
  Victory by William Hartley 10
  Reaction Graphing by Tom McCloud 11
  Elven Names and Meanings by Mike Kelly 17
  Intelligent Monsters by Bill Paley 20
  A New Allocation System by Bill Seligman 21
  NPCs by Richard Koelsch 24
  Magic by Germain Giner 29
  Alignment in Game Play by James Young 30
  The Book of Doom by Bill Paley 35
  Jacob Olson by Patricia Hockhalter 51
  Nymphs by Steve Marsh 53
  Vampires by Jim Webster 61

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Product list is titled "Treasure Vault" with the highest number being 310.

Dungeoneer 18