Journal 21

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Item Code:  280

Title:  Journal 21

Type:  Magazine

System:  Universal

Author(s):  Unknown

Date Published:  1980, June/July

Format:  64-page periodical

Original Price:  $2.80

Editor & Publisher:  Bob Bledsaw
Editor-in-Chief:  Charles Anshell


  Jocular Judgements 03
       A report on Novacon.  
  A Day in the City State by Ronald Pehr 05
       The story of one Drfaf and his first day in our fair City.  
  How to Cross a River Without Losing Half the Party by Bill Paley 10
       A few simple tips for survival.  
  This Is the Way Heroes Die by Thomas McCloud 11
       The first two chapters of a new serial concerning this hijacking  
  of spaceship Fountainebleu.  
  The Alternative Combat System by Michael A. Dodge 15
       A table of monster attacks for use with the Alternative Combat  
  Call Me Friend by Bob Pryor 15
       A tale of revenge by a "Friendly" thief.  
  Shrewd Slants from the Sagacious Sap 17
       The Sage reports on our adventures at Michicon.  
  Survey Replies: The Guidmembers Speak 21
       A selection of comments sent in by you, the readers.  
  Fraternity for the Eradication of Armored Riffraff By Bill Paley 22
       A group designed to put a little Fear into your players who  
  insist on wearing plate armor.  
  The Black Prince by Wilbur Ochiltree 23
       The story of Veron Kereg, a man to whom evil deeds are the  
  spice of life.  
  Dungeon Contest Winners 27
       At long last, a listing of the winners in TGJ - BO - TSO -    
  TWFAG DCC - C -C.  
  The Misadventures of Erroneous Grog 31
       The further adventures of our fearless hero.  
  Quests in AD&U by David Fkaag 32
       Suggestions for spicing up your quests.  
  Multiple Mage Magics by Geoffrey O. Dale 34
       Have you ever wanted to form a chain of mountains? Hurl   
  insect plagues at entire nations? Cause a tidal wave? Geoffrey O.  
  Dale supplies the means.  
  The Wreck of the Titan by Stephen H. Domtsnan 39
       Our adventure offering, this month involving a trading ship  
  wrecked on a coral reef.  
  Random Character Weapons by Tom Jones 43
       Charts to individualize your NPC parties.  
  The Swamp Rats by Bill Paley 50
       Ever needed a small band of brigands? Bill Paley outlines a  
  tiny band of the outlaws.  
  Two Voluble Equipment Items by James Young 58
       Two simple pieces of equipment to use in place of your 5th  
  level spells.  
  Prodigious Platemail 59
  The Mountain Lions by Bit Paley 61
       A detailing of an NPC group of kidnappers in the Cloudwall  
  Convention Watch 62
  Tips from the Tower 63
       Quick review of our new products.  

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Journal 21