Legendary Duck Tower and Other Tales

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Item Code:  220

Title:  Legendary Duck Tower and Other Tales

Type:  Scenario

System:  Runequest

Author(s):  Paul Jaquays, Rudy Kraft

Cartography:  Paul Jaquays

Date Published:  1980

Format:  64-page book

Original Price:  $5.98

The legends of the fallen citadel of Duck Tower have long haunted both Ducks and Humans.  Recently, the location of the tower has been rediscovered and parties of brave adventurers have begun to seek it out in hopes of finding the great treasures rumored to be there.  These treasures will not easily be obtained as the area is guarded by many creatures who have always known that Duck Tower was no legend.

Printing Information

Product list is titled "Treasure Vault" with the highest number being 190.

Legendary Duck Tower and Other Tales (1st Printing)