Dungeoneer 16

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Item Code:  180

Title:  Dungeoneer 16

Type:  Magazine

System:  Universal

Author(s):  Various

Date Published:  1980, March/April

Format:  64-page periodical

Original Price:  $2.80

Publisher:  Robert E. Bledsaw
Editor-in-Chief:  Charles R. Anshell
Editor:  Bryan Hinnen

Art Director:  Aaron Arocho

Staff:  Penny Gooding, Bob Hadley, Bill Paley, Debbie McGill, Dave Sering, Kevin Siembieda


  The Lab'Oratory by Bryan Hinnen 02
  Words & Whips 03
  Under Toe: Current Happenings 30
  Dungeoneer Depths (Mini-Dungeon)  
       The Lair of Krepache the Leper by Natalie Silberman, Mark 47
  Rubin, and Bill Paley  
  Players' Errors In Under Skyking's Light by Bill Paley 05
       This fiction serial was drawn directly from the campaign which   
  Paley judged.  Now he reveals what he felt to be the causes of the  
  characters’ demise.  
  The Mystic: A New Magic-User Sub-Class by Jon Mattson 06
       Designed for the AD&D tm system, the mystic concentrates   
  on necromancy, prediction and divination.  This is suggested as  
  the class of a nemesis NPC.  
  A New and Radically Different Expertise System by Bill Seligman 09
       The fourth in a series of articles detailing Seligman's new FRP  
  rules system, this ties together the first three and adds his  
  "Ranking" experience rules.  
  The High Priesthood of Thebes by Steve Marsh 13
       Marsh introduces the lawful secret cult of Thebes, its various  
  rituals for advancement of characters, and the sonar benefits  
  gained at each level.  
  The 'Other' Class In Traveller by Bill Paley 17
       Here is an opportunity to make this rather nondescript class a  
  hit more exciting by subdividing it: cops, robbers, smugglers and  
  spies can be played.  
  Fiction: Winter Encounters by J. Brightman & W. Sommers 21
       A wandering minstrel remembers a tale of Dragon Hunters, and  
  how they came to do battle with something that they hadn’t been  
  Warlocks: A New Magic-User Sub-Claw by Anthony D. Barnstone 33
       Warlocks deal with demonology, alchemy and the occult: yet  
  another fine candidate for the Master of Evil in your campaign, but  
  designed for “Old D&D”  
  The Armed Forces In Traveller by Bill Paley 55
       Paley gives a brief outline of the set-up and interaction of the  
  six Traveller classes in his campaign.  It eases players'  
  identification with character roles.  


  The Edge of the Galaxy by Paul Jaquays Back Cover
Art Credits:    
  Kevin Siembieda (Inks) Front Cover
  Bob Hadley (Colors) Front Cover

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This dungeoneer has newsprint pages. 
Product list is titled "Treasure Vault" with the highest number being 180.

Dungeoneer 16