Broken Tree Inn

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Item Code:  107

Title:  Broken Tree Inn

Type:  Scenario

System:  Runequest

Author(s):  Rudy Kraft

Date Published:  1979

Format:  48-page book

Original Price:  $4.00

This booklet contains three Runequest scenarios and background information, concerning the struggle between the Aldryami Elves and Dryads of Tall Seed Forest and encroaching Men from the adjacent Empire of the City of Whorn.  It includes highly detailed histories and legends of the forest, the Inn, and nearby Troll Country, and one of the Empire's frontier forts.  Characters ranging in ability from newly rolled to nearing Rune Status can be included in the adventures without too much difficulty.  The standard Runequest format for listing character and monster statistics has been used and explained.

Printing Information

  • 1st Printing (1979):  Black and white with green leaves on the trees, white border.  Product list is titled "Other Fine Products" with the highest number being 108.

  • 2nd Printing (1980):  Color cover with blue border.  Product list is titled "Treasure Vault" with the highest number being 310.

Broken Tree Inn (1st Printing)
Broken Tree Inn (2nd Printing)