DRA'K'NE Station

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Item Code:  105

Title:  DRA'K'NE Station

Type:  Scenario

System:  Traveller

Author(s):  Bill Paley

Date Published:  1979

Format:  64-page book

Original Price:  $4.95

This booklet detailing a vast alien research station hollowed out of an asteroid, a complete and massive 12th level adventure.  Illustrated by Kevin Siembieda, and includes incites on the culture, language and history of the weird reptilian Drakne Aliens.  This is a complete, well detailed scenario, with several different types of research labs, repair shops, spare parts depots, recreation areas, and more.

Printing Information

  • 1st Printing (1979):  Does not have writing at the bottom.  Thanks to Mark Boone for the scan.  Product list is titled "Booty List" with the highest number being 109.

  • 2nd Printing (1980):  Has writing at the bottom.  Product list is titled "Treasure Vault" with the highest number being 220.

DRA'K'NE Station (1st Printing)
DRA'K'NE Station (2nd Printing)