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Item Code:  100

Title:  Trek-80

Type:  Computer Game

System:  None

Author(s):  Bruce Berry

Date Published:  1979

Format:  cassette tape, unofficial manual

Original Price:  $14.95 (Suggested Retail was $15.00)

This is not just another Star Trek game.  It has been in development for over l year! Action takes place on a real-time basis.  Your missions Starfleet Command is under heavy attack.  The Supply fleet of tugs is also under attack.  You have 2 or more Starbases where you can resupply once, each.  There are 45-60+ Klingons you must destroy in a given amount of time without losing more than 5 Tugs.  Features: 64 sector quadrants, 64 quadrant universe.  Klingons can move, resupply, fire torpedoes or disruptors.  Tugs can fire phasers.  Enterprise can fire phasers or torpedoes and can lock both and course for fire and move (evasive action).  Torpedo intercept can be locked on or off.

Sensors can be short range (quadrant) or long range (eight surrounding quadrants).  Probes can scan enemy ships for position, energy and torpedoes.  Galactic scan shows all known quads with number of stars, Klingons and bases.  Ship's energy can be channeled to phasers, warp drive, impulse engines and shields, in increments of 10% & any combination.  Damage Control reports.  Self-destruct.  Warp and Impulse movement.  Programming notes give instructions for changing allotted stardates for accomplishing mission; units of energy from reactor/date available for channeling; initial & resupply levels for shield, phaser, impulse and warp drive energy, initial and resupply of number of torpedoes; number of Klingons (min. &/or max.); number of bases; allotted max.  phaser power/shot.  THIS IS THE TOUGHEST TREK GAME TO BEAT YET! TREK-80

Printing Information

This cassette tape game for the Radio Shack TRS-80 computer is our first application of a new idea in wargaming: the use of computer simulations. It requires a computer capable of at least 16K of memory and use of the Level II Basic computer language.  Product list is