Installment W

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Item Code:  91

Title:  Installment W: Journal 14 and Part II of Wilderlands of the Magic Realm

Type:  Guildmember Installment W

System:  Dungeons & Dragons

Author(s):  Various

Date Published:  1979

Format:  16-page book, 32-page periodical, 17" x 22" map

Original Price:  $5.95

This installment contains
Journal 14, Wilderlands of the Magic Realm Book II and Campaign Map #11-Ghinor/ Campaign Map #14-Ament Tundra.

Printing Information

Note: The envelope's stamped date is for the year 1988, but Judges Guild's address does not correspond.  It is assumed to be 1979, but further investigation shall need to be done.

Thanks to Christophe Smagghe for help with this info, and to Christophe Smagghe for the scan of the unmailed envelope.

Installment W (Envelope Apr 5, 1988) Installment W (Envelope)