Dungeoneer 10



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Item Code:  84

Title:  Dungeoneer 10 (Vol. 3, No. 2)

Type:  Magazine

System:  Universal

Author(s):  Various

Date Published:  1979, March/April

Format:  66-page periodical

Original Price:  $1.75

Publisher:  Robert E. Bledsaw
Editor:  Charles R. Anshell
Assistant Editor:  Penny Gooding
Associate Editor:  Mitch Johnson


  The Lab'Oratory by Chuck Anshell 02
  Under Toe Current Happenings 30
  Monster Matrix  
       Half Ogres by Alex Muromcew 33
       Zergons by Randy Toutz 33
       Loombar by Rick Elleman 33
       Electric Rats by Randolph King 34
       Blaps by Tom Johnson 34
       Reflector Beast by W. A. Barwick, Jr. 35
       Seth by Scott Johnson 35
       Gingerbread Golem by Scott Johnson 36
       The Banshee by Scott Johnson 36
       Slime Men by Jon-Pierre Pazevic 36
  Torchlight 48
  Lords of Valor 49
  Nose Wet? or No Sweat! by Bill Paley 54
  The Die is Cast  
       The Movie. The Lord of the Rings by Bill Paley 56
       4th Dimension by Chuck Anshell 56
       The Apprentice 3 by Chuck Anshell 57
       Ice Rigger by Chuck Anshell 57
       Runequest by Paul Jaquays 57
  The Booty Bag  
       Pentacle Staff by Jon-Pierre Pazevic 59
       Ring of Undead Summoning by Jon-Pierre Pazevic 59
       Ring of Anti-Undead Summoning by Jon-Pierre Pazevic 59
       Sling of David by Jon-Pierre Pazevic 60
  Words & Whips 60
       Pyramid of Ra-Dok by Patrick Westfall 62
  A New Skills System by Bill Seligman 22
  Scrapfaggot Green Correction Sheets 41
  Name Generator by Rusty Lamont 46
  Space, The Gaming Frontier by Bill Paley 47
  Half-Ogres and Anti-Paladins by Paul Nevins 48
  Effects and Uses of Poison by Steve Marsh 51
  Corrections for Issue 9 by Paul Jaquays 61


  The Arcane Elders by J. Mark Hendricks 06
  A Private Hell by Bryan Hinnen 13
  Under Skyking's Light by Bill Paley 17
  Edge of the Galaxy by Paul Jaquays Back Cover
Art Credits:    
  Paul Jaquays Front Cover ĎA Private 
    Hellí, Back Cover, 12,
    31, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37,
    40, 49, 54, 59, 60, 61
  Aaron Arocho 05, 37, 48, 66
  Robert Bingham 40, 50, 55
  Laurel Paley 21
  Beth Stocker 46
  Bob Bledsaw, Jr. 47

Printing Information

This D
ungeoneer has newsprint pages.  Product list is untitled though is a "Judges Guild List" with the highest number being 80.  Has an ad with highest number being 86.

Dungeoneer 10