Dragon Crown

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Item Code:  76

Title:  Dragon Crown

Type:  Scenario

System:  Dungeons & Dragons

Author(s):  Michael Mayeau

Date Published:  1979

Format:  16-page book

Original Price:  $1.75

This dungeon contest was run at the 1978 Pacific Encounters Convention.  You are crawling down a damp, dark tunnel under the ground, with a group of your fellows.  You are mercenaries on another assignment.  Well, not just another assignment, you are working for a huge, evil Red Dragon.  If you succeed, your reward will be the pick of his treasure hoard.  If you fail, it will be death!

Printing Information

  • 1st Printing (1979):  Border color is cream/white.  Product list is titled "Booty List" with the highest number being 77.

  • 2nd Printing (1980):  Cover art is the same, but the border color is yellow, and there was different artwork on page 8.  Product list is titled "More Fine Products" with the highest number being 310.

From Paul Jaquays regarding Original Drawing: "When I worked for Judges Guild, I did not work on site, or even live in the same city with JG.  I worked out of my apartment in another city in another state.  All my completed work was mailed in.  And JG was too budget conscious (there's another less polite word for that) to pay for quality PMTs (photo mechanical transfers) of the art ... so I sent them originals.

Simply put. The original cover for Dragon Crown was lost in the mail ... for a while.  So I had to redraw a new one from scratch in very short order.  I'm pretty certain that the replacement art was used on first product.  The original work eventually showed up ... after the product had gone to press.  That's what was used in the Dungeoneer."
Dragon Crown (Original Drawing found in Dungeoneer 11)
Dragon Crown (1st Printing)
Dragon Crown (2nd Printing)