Frontier Forts of Kelnore

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Item Code:  71

Title:  Frontier Forts of Kelnore

Type:  Scenario

System:  Dungeons & Dragons

Author(s):  Dave Sering

Date Published:  1978

Format:  32-page book

Original Price:  $3.50

This book provides a basic, modularized map of a border fort (all Kelnore forts were designed to these specifications).  Since their construction, the forts have been populated by various monsters and tables are provided to put in random groups of creatures and individualize the forts on these basic designs.  There are three sample forts, filled out according to die rolls on the tables, to illustrate their application.  Using them, the Judge can easily create on the same basic map a different "dungeon" every time his players get together; this provides the maximum playing time with a minimal investment of the Judge's money and design time.

Printing Information

  • 1st Printing (1978):  Has a square fort on the cover.  Product list is titled "Booty List" with the highest number being 72.

  • 2nd Printing (1980):  Color cover insert with a man on a horse.  Book has the same art on the cover page but in black and white only.  Product list is titled "Treasure Vault" (cover) with the highest number being 310.  Product list is just photos (book) with the highest number being 240.


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Frontier Forts of Kelnore
 (1st Printing)
Frontier Forts of Kelnore
(2nd Printing cover insert)
Frontier Forts of Kelnore
(2nd Printing book)