Judges Shield

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Title: Judges Shield
Type: Judges Screen
System: Dungeons & Dragons
Author(s): Judges Guild/TSR
     Editor(s): Judges Guild/TSR
     Artist(s): NA
     Cartography: NA
Date Published: 1977
Format:  3 yellow cardstock sheets (double-sided)
Original Price: $1.98


The 'Shield' is a screen used to hide the referee's secret maps during D&D gaming. It also has combat charts, tables, etc printed on both sides. This was the first GM screen ever published, for any game system.
The three shield sections are:

  • Monster Attacking / Saving Throws

  • Monster Compendium / Men Attacking. Thanks to Jeff Miller for the scan.

  • Men Attacking / Phantasmal Forces

Printing Information

  • 1st Printing (1977):  At this time there maybe some printer differences compared with the other printings.

  • 2nd Printing (1978):  This has a yellow advert sheet with 'P.O. Box 773' and 'N. University Ave' addresses on it.  Product list is titled 'Judges Guild Master List' with the highest number being 72.

  • 3rd Printing (1980):  This has a blue advert sheet with 'Sunnyside' address.  Product list is untitled with the highest number being 84 (products 85, 86 are listed though).


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Monster Attacking/Saving Throws (Shield Section)
Monster Compendium / Men Attacking (Shield Section)
Men Attacking / Phantasmal Forces (Shield Section)
Judges Shield (2nd Printing Packaged)
Judges Shield (3rd Printing Packaged)