Thunderhold/Sunstone Cavern Map

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Item Code:  15

Title:  Thunderhold/Sunstone Cavern Map

Type:  Map

System:  Dungeons & Dragons

Author(s):  Bob Bledsaw

Date Published:  1976

Format (1st Printing) Judges Map:  11" x 17" double sided map

Format (1st Printing) Players Map:  8.5" x 11" single sided map

Format (2nd Printing):  8.5" x 11" double sided map with I-5 map on reverse

Original Price:  $1.00


Judge�s Thunderhold Map with Sunstone Caverns Map on reverse, Player's Thunderhold Map with names blanked out.

Printing Information

This was offered with the City State of the Invincible Overlord Playing Aid as well as the Thunderhold Installment.

  • 1st/2nd Printing:  Judges map has Sunstone Caverns map on reverse.  Players map is single sided.  There are printings with Hammermill Bond watermark and without.  (At this time these are not given a ranked printing as to which was first)

  • 3rd Printing:  Players map is now double sided with the I-5 map on the reverse.

Thunderhold Judges Map (Left Section)
Sunstone Caverns Map (Judges Map Reverse)
Thunderhold Players Map (1st Printing) Thunderhold Players Map (3rd Printing)