Journal #0 (I)

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Title: Initial Issue / Newsletter I / Journal 0 (I)
Type: Magazine
System: Universal
Author(s): Bob Bledsaw, Bill Owen
     Editor(s): Bob Bledsaw, Bill Owen
     Artist(s): N/A
Date Published: 1976, October
Format (1st/2nd Printing):  8 1/2" x 13" single sheet of paper (double sided) folded in half
Original Price: $0.00



  Jocular Judgements 29
  Scrolls from the Archives 29
  Shrewd Slants from the Sagacious Sage 29
  Advise Column 30
  Tips from the Tower 30
  Acknowledgements 30

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Printing Information

his newsletter was never officially given a product number.  Early Journals started out being labeled as Newsletters, then Journals with designated letter code, and finally Journals with sequenced number followed by the letter code.  Exceptions exist for finding early printings in with later products such as a 1st print being included with the Judges Guild Journal Value Pack.

  • 1st Printing (1976):  Has page numbers I-29 and I-30This came with the Initial Subscription and this printing may have been sold bundled as item #21 Product list is titled "Booty List" with the highest number being 10.

  • 2nd Printing (1977):  Has no page numbers.  Product list is titled "Booty List" with the highest number being 10.  Header may possibly have been after Journal J and before Journal K - See the Printing Press page for explanation.

Journal I (1st Printing)

Journal I (2nd Printing)