Dungeoneer Value Pack

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Item Code:  None

Title:  The Dungeoneer Value Pack

Type:  Combo/Package

System:  Various

Author(s):  Various

Date Published:  1982

Format:  Contains the Dungeoneer Compendium, Dungeoneer issues 10-18 and the Dungeoneer Journal issues 23-25

Original Price:  $15.00

The Dungeoneer Value Pack contains over 950 pages of Fantasy and Science Fiction role playing articles, Included are 23 complete adventures, 85 Magic Items, 110 New Monsters, and over 100 role playing articles on subjects such as Spells, Character Classes, Combat, Solo Play, Sword Tables, Tombs, Potions, Scrolls, Magic Tomes, New Magic Systems, Psionics, and Computer Gaming.  Also included are reviews on some of the most popular games on the market today, Cults, Character Tables, Science Fiction Gaming and over 30 fiction serials based on role playing campaigns.

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Dungeoneer Value Pack (Price Sheet)