Campaign Installment


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Item Code:  None

Title:  Campaign Installment

Type:  Combo/Package

System:  Dungeons & Dragons

Author(s):  Bob Bledsaw, Bill Owen

Date Published:  1977

Format:  12-page booklet, two 11"x17" maps, 1 chart sheet

Original Price:  $4.50

This Installment consisted of the Judge's Campaign Map One, Player's Campaign Map One, Booklet K and Ready Ref Sheet Wizardís Guide/Construction Costs & Time Required.  Journal K was sent with the mailed copy, but may not have been included when this was back ordered.  This was never given an item number.

Printing Information

Those who received this installment in Jan/Feb 1977 did not get a Wizards Guide sheet
Thanks to Stuart Jacobson for the scan of the envelope.  This was offered up until?

Campaign Installment
Installment K
 (Envelope Jan 18, 1977)