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Post Posted: Sat May 21, 2005 10:52 am 

I was planning on doing a 'zine list, having become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what is out there I have decided to shelve that particular project, for now at least.

However, pursuing that project got me interested in other "collector lists".   The Acaeum has a lot of information on the all of the items listed here.  I need some help with my current "project".  Actually the better term would be advice, what questions should I ask the publishers (assuming they are still around) in order to get enough info on a particular line of products, and in the experience of others who have tried to get this kind of info, are publishers often willing to talk about extinct product lines?  How much information should I have before putting a guide of sorts on line, should I have data on foreign editions as well as domestic (US) products?  As for publishers that have gone under over the years, whats the best way to contact them for question, google them and pray?

The project I am working on now will be of little concern for most collectors, and I doubt will be of any significant value to warrant a sub web (at least at this time).  The reason I say this is some of the items I am trying to document are still available, but should all soon be OOP.   I am attempting to create a list of R Talsorian Games Cyberpunk and Cybergeneration lines.  As it stands a number of their products are already OOP, they keep promising a new edition, and this should force their remaining products to also go OOP.  I know Cyberpunk does not rank up there with oDnD or JG items in terms of collectability,  however it is one of my favorite games, so I do have a great deal of personal interest in documenting the products produced for the game.

Any suggestions on how to proceed with gathering the necessary data, and what the minimum amount of data needed to make such a project "worthwhile" would be appreciated.  Currently, as it stands I already have cover scans of about 95% of the products released for the US market, including dedicated fanzines (there were only two truly dedicated 'zines for Cyberpunk) and licensed products (again two major licenses were granted, to Ianus/Dreampod and Atlas Games, as well as Gold Rush Games' Night City Trax)



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Post Posted: Sun May 22, 2005 6:21 am 

You've probably got enough info right there to post it online, Acaeum subweb or not. As far as a subweb goes, it's really not about a percentage, but more about the "volume" of info... i.e., if you're tackling a big topic, I'd be comfortable making the subweb "public" with maybe only 40% of the subweb complete. On the other hand, if the topic is tiny, it should be "mostly" complete before going public.

As far as simply putting your info online (independent of a subweb), it's really up to you. I put the Acaeum up with just the Modules Index and Rares Index "complete" (or what I thought was complete; we've added quite a few things to them over the years!). All the other indexes were "under construction" at that time (Nov 1999), though I was able to bring them online after about two months of feverish work.

Look at it this way: if all you do is publish *one* thing that someone may be interested in reading, you've done the public a service. Everything you do in excess of that is frosting on the cake, as it were.

Go for it.


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