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Post Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2005 1:49 pm 

Post items you want, or items you'd like to sell.  Posting a link to your eBay auction(s) is fine, but we'd ask you to refrain from posting a separate message for each item -- one message (with multiple links, if need be), should be sufficient.

Unlike the other forums here, we've disabled the "reply" function (though you can reply to your own posts if you choose).  If you wish to contact a seller or a buyer, do so via private messaging or e-mail.

Additionally, the messages in this forum will "prune" (auto-delete) after 90 days.  Feel free to re-post your message after that time, if it's still relevant.

Any visitor may read messages, but posting a message requires you to register.  This process is relatively painless and is designed to cut down on spam and general forum abuse.  

Please note that the Search function is exclusive to these forums, i.e. it will not also search the web site for terms.  To search the entire web site, use the Search function off the main page.

As with all the Acaeum Forums, this forum is unmoderated.  The Acaeum staff may read and/or reply to messages, but if you require a direct response, the best way to get our attention is to send us an e-mail.  

Have Fun!

The Acaeum webmaster

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