Looking for Lady of Winds, A HeartQuest adventure book
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Looking to close out an awesome collection: all the "Gamebooks" published by TSR. There are MANY!  This collection also include the British answer to Endless quest: Fighting Fantasy. There's one left, and it's hard to find at all, let alone a reasonable price: Lady of the Winds, a HeartQuest book. You can find a lot of these "choose your own adventure style books" and gamebooks of all kinds that that was published at Damien's Game books ... Main Menu - Demian's Gamebook Web Page   Whomever the gracious host of this site it, he or she should include that link in the relevant websites page, because it's highly relevant to early TSR publications. No less than three Endless quests series came out in the 1980s. The first one was a set of HUGELY successful 36 "choose your own adventure"-style books based largely off D&D (it also include IPs like Conan, Top Secret and more) The other two are HeartQuest and Crimson Crystal, each with only four books a piece.  While I'm digressing to the right audience for sure, is there anybody will to part with their copy of Lady of the Winds?

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