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Hey Everyone,

A couple months ago I had a credit with paypal and I went all-in on DCC Lankhmar stuff. Then I realized that my players only wanted limited exposure to the setting, not a full-blown campaign. So I'm looking to sell a lot of DCC Lankhmar items. All are in mint condition; the boxed set is still shrink-wrapped.

I have:

The Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar Boxed Set
Unholy Nights in Lankhmar
The Land of the Eight Cities
Gang Lords of Lankhmar
Masks of Lankhmar
Grave Matters
The Fence's Fortuitous Folly
The Rats of Ilthmar
Blasphemy & Larceny in Lankhmar
Acting Up in Lankhmar
Violence for Votishal
Cheating Death

Price is $100 plus shipping for the lot. Retail would be $170.

I take paypal. PM if interested.

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