The One Ring 2nd Edition KS Package
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I was a KS backer of "The One Ring" 2nd edition RPG from Free League.  But it turns out that my players & I absolutely hate the rules.  So I've got several mint condition items to sell:

The One Ring Second Edition Limited Edition Leather Core Book
The One Ring Second Edition Standard Edition Hardcover Core Book
Loremaster's Screen & Rivendell Softcover Supplement
1 Set of Misprinted Dice (Sauronic Black)*--All the dice were misprinted
The Starter Set Box (Includes map of Eriador, map of the Shire, another set of dice, Quickstart rules, Shire Book with adventures & sample characters on sheets)

Asking Price is $215 plus shipping.

I take Paypal at: [email protected]

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