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Happy to consider offers here via PM.

Dungeons & Dragons Player Profile Study and Endless Quest Reader Profile Study (plus Certificate of Authenticity)
Produced for TSR internal use, dated March 1984.
I originally bought this as part of the auction of the Gygax Collection run by The Collector’s Trove in 2012, as documented by the Certificate of Authenticity. I can’t say for certain that this is unique, but I have never seen another copy, and no other was auctioned at that time.

This approximately 90 page spiral-bound study presents data and conclusions gathered from phone interviews in early 1984, “to obtain a better understanding of the Dungeons & Dragons game player and Endless Quest book reader in terms of attitudes, opinions, and behavior … to determine” things like “the usage behavior of Dungeons & Dragons,” “differences in attitudes and behavior between” different types of players/readers, and “possible modifications … to expand the market potential.” The conclusions include details on how players / readers learned how to play, frequency of play, group size, product satisfaction, psychological profile, demographics, etc.

The spiral binding, cover, and pages are all in good, strong shape, with no ripped pages. The edges of the cover have minor denting.

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