WTB a few modules
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Post Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2021 7:47 pm 

I'm on the hunt for a few modules to plug some gaps.  Need to be complete and no mold damage. Otherwise I am not overly concerned about the condition.  If you have any of the below you are looking to part with send me a pm.

Horror on the Hill        B5
Journey to the Rock        B8
Swords of the Undercity        CA1
Dragon Dawn        DLA1
classics Vol 2        DLC2
classics Vol 3        DLC3
Dreams of the Red Wizards        FR6
Cities of Mystery        FR8
Ruins of Adventure        FRC1
Bloodstone Pass                H1
Baltron's Beacon        I7
Desert of Desolation        I3-5
Inside Ravens Bluff        LC2
Five Coins for a Kingdom        M4
Eye of the Serpent        UK5
Dark Clouds Gather        UK7
Red Arrow, Black Shield        X10

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